Why steel studs may be the best choice for your build

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on May 5, 2018 6:09:00 AM

Steel studs are being chosen more frequently for both commercial and residential builds and with good reason.  They’re easy to work with because of their lightness. They’re strong and durable and the material is consistent in look and structure because it’s formed or manufactured. These are just a few of the well-documented benefits of steel. You can read more about the comparison of working with wood studs over steel studs in an additional article from our blog here.

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5 Problems with Wood Studs that Steel Studs Fix

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 12, 2018 11:28:41 AM

The path to construction perfection is paved by using the right materials and right tools for the right job. While wood studs are still the favored framing option, steel studs have some clear benefits when you’re comparing apples to apples. Here are five problems with wood studs and how steel ones address them.

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Waterproofing Basics for Basement Construction and Renovation

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 30, 2017 4:27:30 PM

Imagine a homeowner going to collect their favorite holiday decorations from the basement, only to discover condensation, or worse, standing water.  A wet basement or condensation issues are significant and valid concerns for homeowners. Whether the client expects you to be an expert in the matter or looks to you to solve simple issues, it’s important that you know some waterproofing basics.

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The Best Kept Secrets of Steel Studs

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jun 22, 2017 10:47:15 AM

Steel studs have been gaining popularity in both residential and commercial projects. Over the past decade more structures are being built with steel studs and over 500,000 homes have been built using steel studs as opposed to the traditional wood stud. If you’re still not sold on the idea of completing your next project with steel studs, check out the industry’s best-kept secrets about steel studs to convince yourself.

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How to Limit Water Damage When Finishing a Basement

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 12, 2017 1:49:53 PM

A wet basement is one of the most common problems of home ownership. Whether it’s mold from dampness leaking through the foundation, or a burst pipe that floods the whole basement, it’s something almost every homeowner has had some level of experience with. While we can’t always prevent the cause of the moisture, we can build out basements that can stand up to it. Here are some tips on finishing basements that can reduce the likelihood of water damage.

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Responsible for Construction Budget? Ways to Spend Wisely …

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 10, 2016 11:37:23 AM

As an independent contractor or a Project Manager (PM) within a large construction company, the goals are the same: produce quality work, on time and on budget. If properly bid out with no surprises along the way, then “on budget” can be more easily accomplished. But it’s construction, and we all know what can and will go wrong. So how can you attempt to keep on schedule and budget? 

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10 Benefits of Steel Studs

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 13, 2016 9:45:00 AM

The Steel Framing Alliance indicates that more than 40 percent of commercial structures are now built with metal studs and nearly 500,000 homes have been built with steel framing over the past decade.  Times have certainly changed as steel studs have gained popularity. Even though they are more costly than the traditional wood stud, they offer superior quality and strength to the structure once installed. 

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Why We Love Steel Studs - the Details You Need to Know!

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on May 26, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Different materials are right for different types of jobs. Sometimes traditional wooden framing is more appropriate in a construction project. But don’t discount the alternative of steel studs. Cold-formed steel framing is produced from sheet steel that is then formed into the shapes and sizes of traditional lumber that is used in construction. There are many reasons why steel studs can improve your next build. We looked to the Steel Framing Alliance and Bethepro.com to outline some of these benefits.

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3 Simple Steps to Building Your Perfect Tool Storage

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 6, 2016 9:27:24 AM

Santa knew you wanted to finish the basement this year. Because he is wise, he knew you’d choose to frame it out with steel studs. They’re lighter weight, 30% cheaper, never warp, and aren’t susceptible to insect or water damage. Because you’ve been good, he gifted you a pneumatic nail gun and plenty of SteelThread SCRAIL® to go with it. Now that you have the right tool, your job will be sturdier, last longer, and be done sooner. You’ll go from boring basement to Man Cave in no time. 

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