5 Companies Showing Us How Crating Should Be Done

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on May 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM

crate fastenersThe crating industry is a unique one. It is an industry based on problem solving and critical thinking, where you need to decide what the best way is to get a thing, or hundreds of things, from point A to point B. There are many decisions to be made for every job including selection of crating materials, packaging materials, modes of transportation, and more. Here we focus on 5 companies doing crating in a new or better way. 

1. Craters & Freighters 

Crating and shipping companies can make a huge ecological impact by examining their processes and making a shift towards reusable packaging and crating materials, intermodal transportation, and improved waste management. Craters & Freighters CEO, Diane Gibson, is taking this effort seriously. Read more on her eco-friendly approach here. 

2. 360 Industrial Movers 

The heavy machinery and equipment moving industry is an important market for the specialty wood packaging industry. Crating is a requirement for 20% or more of industrial moving jobs, where wood blocking and bracing are more commonly employed. And the need for both domestic and international protective packaging shows no sign of slowing down. 

360 Industrial Movers, a heavy equipment moving company in Vancouver, British Columbia, has found custom wood crating to be a huge growth opportunity. Also, the new service has helped the company become more environmentally conscious and enhance its overall operations. 

With the establishment of its crating operation, the company can now reuse crating for appropriate shipments within Canada and the United States. They can also use surplus material for the ongoing blocking and bracing requirements associated with equipment moving. For international loads, the company sources new ISPM-15 certified material as required. 

3. Kübox 

The Kübox easy crating system was honored by DuPont for excellence in responsible transportation packaging. The product is intended to make parcel and freight shipping more sustainable using a paper-based crate with half the weight of wood. 

Featuring compression strength of more than 5,000 pounds, the Kübox can be safely assembled or disassembled without tools and can be shipped and stored flat, saving on space, labor, and transportation costs. 

The strength and durability of the Kübox ensure that the contents, from gallery artwork to aircraft engines, stay safe throughout delivery. After delivery, the Kübox can be reused in a variety of ways, most often as furniture and storage by consumers and for repetitive, out-and-back shipments by businesses. 

Learn more about it here. 

4. Man Crates 

There is something very satisfying about using a crowbar to wrench open a sealed wooden box. The folks at Man Crates have tapped into that and made it the lifeblood of their gift business. You can ship a wide selection of manly gifts, like pint glasses or beef jerky, all to arrive in a wooden crate the gift recipient gets to pry open with the included crowbar. 

4. The BECK Fastener Group® 

It’s more than just the box that counts, it’s the fasteners holding it together. By providing the crating industry with combination fasteners like SCRAIL®, the BECK Fastener Group ® and their North American Master Distributor, FASCO America® are helping producers make stronger crates faster. BECK has developed a safer fastener by using plastic rope SCRAIL®, which leaves no collation wire behind. Plus, the plastic rope collation retains its shape better than wire, which means coils can be reused if dropped eliminating waste. 

Each of these companies is taking crating to a new level. By re-inventing how you crate, as well as using top quality crating materials like SCRAIL® that can be used in most common 15° wire coil nailers on the market, you can ensure success in the crating industry and that your cargo will get where it’s going safely.  

Download the Whitepaper: Why More Companies Should Turn to Crating as a Packaging Option: Crate Fasteners Such as SCRAIL® are the Perfect Solution to learn more:

Download the Whitepaper: Crate Fasteners Such as Scrail is the Perfect Solution

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