Moving From "Trusty Rusty" to "Easy Speedy": 5 Quick Tips About Pneumatic Nailers

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 15, 2015 6:42:00 PM

rsz_bigstock-old-rusty-tools-in-the-worksho-99255113Maybe you've been in the construction industry for years and you're very comfortable with the electric power tools you’ve been using since the beginning of time. Or maybe you're new to the industry and you’ve inherited someone else’s electric tools which were around when dinosaurs walked the earth, and you aren't interested in learning about new tools. It’s ok, we understand the lack of desire to change. Change takes time and time is something that busy contractors just don’t have.

If you think you are busy now, take a look at this Market Study conducted by the Freedonia Market Group, which forecasts an increased demand for power and hand tools annually through 2018 due to a recovery in construction activity, especially in housing starts.

This is great news for contractors no matter what type of tools they currently use. But if you continue to use your old school tools (aka, your “Trusty Rusty’s”), how will you keep up with the new demand? Maybe it’s time to retire “Rusty” and his friends and consider making the change to pneumatic tools. If you still aren’t convinced that pneumatic tools are tough enough to replace your current tool line up, here are 5 quick tips to help you learn more about pneumatic tools that might just change your mind.

1)    Bigger isn’t always better:
Pneumatic nailers are lighter and smaller in size than traditional electric power tools. This makes them easier to handle and causes less fatigue for the user, making those long days on the job site a little less exhausting. Pneumatic tools are designed to reduce job site fatigue (low vibration, compact, lightweight) for workers who work long hours due to small crew sizes.

2)    Go big or go home:
As the economy continues to rebound, you’ll see no shortage of big projects out there that require tools built for heavier capacity.  The need is growing for high quality, durable, and price-competitive tools that will consistently perform at a rate that helps the contractor get even the biggest jobs done faster, making them a profit-generating and dependable partner on the job site.

3)    The need for speed:
According to contractor supply magazine, “The nailer and stapler industry is a mature market with many competitors selling tools of various quality.  Fuel-cell and battery-powered technology is advancing, but these tools still do not compare with the speed, weight and cost of standard pneumatic tool and compressor systems." Cordless powered tools are more portable, but still can't deliver the speed of pneumatic tools.

4)    “Trusty Rusty” gets a new name:
Reliable and consistent performance with any tool is a must. As crew chiefs have become frustrated with poor performance from poor quality tools, they are showing a willingness to invest in better quality now that the market is rebounding. Pneumatic tool maintenance requirements are minimal, so tools can stay in production longer. So instead of depending on “Trusty Rusty” for a slower moving application, you can turn to "Easy Speedy," and know that the job will get done faster, easier and with less fatigue.

5)    It’s good to have choices:
Framers, general contractors, custom home builders and remodelers are always looking for more specialty items, ensuring higher efficiency by matching the right tool and fastener to the job at hand. Since you're only as good as your tools, with the broad range of pneumatic tools you'll find the right tool for the right project.  Once you gain the ability to get the job done quicker and easier, you'll be freeing your crew to move on to the next job sooner. If you work in an environment where the seasons change and it’s getting cold, things are bound to slow down, and now is the best time to practice. 

The BECK Fastener Group® is focused on industry trends, delivering pneumatic tools that provide the time and cost savings contractors demand by focusing on quality and innovation.  The result is products that are versatile, reliable, and power through projects faster.  For more information about our pneumatic tools, click here to download the complete catalog:

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