5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Metal Roofs

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 28, 2016 10:00:00 AM

metal roofsThe metal roofing market for residential application has been gaining momentum as contractors and consumers alike have learned the facts. When you look at the pure volume of roofs in the U.S., the numbers are staggering. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that roofing manufacturers would evolve and take the typical industrial metal roof to the next level for homes.

The Metal Roofing Alliance most recent stats indicate that of the 75 million single-family homes in the U.S., 7% will re-roof each year.   That equates to over 5 million new roofs being installed annually. What’s more interesting is that they feel 47% of households will consider metal roofing! 

But even with that being said, there are still plenty of misconceptions about metal roofs and their transition into being a viable option for residential practice. Here are five tidbits about metal roofing that may not be so well known yet.

Think metal is for warehouses? Not anymore. There are contemporary designs for panels that create a very modern look. There are types of metal shingles that mimic the appearance of slate, asphalt and even cedar. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to identify a metal roof from the ground because the styles are so attractive.

While we are talking design, it’s important to point out that metal roofs are available in an array of color and texture options. And the colors are not just limited to the basics, the options are as prevalent as other roofing materials, including custom colors when needed.   With so many colors and textures available, you don’t need to be working on a modern home to make it work. You name the style and a metal roof can look good even on ranches, cape cods, colonials, etc.

But how durable is a metal roof, especially compared to slate and clay? They do all go head to head for longevity but metal has an advantage because it won’t crack. And you won’t need the additional support under a metal roof like you do for the heavier slate and clay tiles. Metal also wins out when it comes to offering fierce protection from wind damage (even hurricanes), ice and snow, and wild fires.

Ok, but it will sound like a tin can orchestra every time it rains, right?   Nope, yet another misconception. If you’ve spent any time in an old pop-up camper, you know the sound of every raindrop hitting the roof. Fear not, metal roofs are actually quiet. It’s been said they may even be quieter than asphalt shingles. That’s all thanks to solid sheathing attached to the underlayment so dream on during those storms. 

Pricing is always at the top of a consumer’s mind for any renovation project. The best selling point for a metal roof is in terms of replacement costs. They are pricier than standard asphalt shingles, but over the course of a home’s lifetime a metal roof is actually the cheaper option. A typical asphalt roof will need to be replaced every 20 years. A metal roof can last up to 60 years. Then there are those rotting shingles or leaks from ice dams that cause dollars to fly out the window (or roof for that matter) every few years. A one-time investment versus three replacement costs plus additional maintenance over years…you do the math.

As consumers begin asking for metal roofing and for contractors that are now pushing it as an option, the next step in the conversation turns toward proper and efficient installation. If you are looking for performance that is two times faster than collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws, it’s time to check out the The RoofLoc® SCRAIL® System. It is the fastest and most durable air-driven metal roof fastening system on the market. If that has caught your attention, then learn more…

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