Creative Ideas for Your Next Basement Remodel

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 18, 2021 8:45:00 AM


For many homeowners, basements are a blank slate that can be turned into a useful room unique to their home. Unfinished basements may be great for storage, but they are otherwise under-utilized spaces that can be remodeled to add more living areas and even value to a home. Here are some basement renovation ideas that are sure to excite your clients.

  • Open Concept: Open concept homes remain a popular choice for many homeowners. For basements, an open concept design affords an opportunity to take advantage of what is often an unused and expansive space. Rather than dividing the basement into smaller rooms, embracing a barrier free space results in a modern look that is perfect for entertaining large groups of family and friends.
  • Theater Spaces: Okay, maybe this one isn’t the most creative basement idea, but who hasn’t dreamed of watching a movie in their own private theater? If your customer is a film buff, nothing can beat a fully decked theater room—complete with reclining seats, projector, and surround sound. Of course, this option can be much more expensive to build than an open-concept basement that functions more like a living room. Ultimately, the choice between a theater room and a TV room comes down to customer preference and budget.
  • Guest Suite: If your customer likes playing host to their family and friends, they might consider adding a guest room to their basement. Depending on the size of the space, and how much of it your client is willing to give up to their guests, you might suggest turning that guest room into a suite complete with a lounge area, breakfast nook, and bathroom. Such a space could even be used as a bed and breakfast or rental property, if there is an outside entrance to the basement.
  • Home Gym: Why spend money on a costly gym membership when one can be added to a home? This idea remains a popular one amongst fitness-loving homeowners. Home gyms can be set up in a basement of almost any size, with the only limitation coming from how much equipment can safely be fit into the space. For homeowners who want to take their gym to the next level, installing a shower or even a sauna can elevate your basement from a gym to a home spa.
  • Home Office: If your customers have ever worked remotely, they’ll know how distracting it can be to work in the same room that you usually relax in. A home office in the basement can be the perfect place to get away from those distractions and get down to some serious work. Creating a home office can be as easy as installing drywall and a floor. Once the room is finished, adding some furniture like a desk, couch, and bookshelves is all that is needed to begin turning a basement into a home office.

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