Best "Man Cave" Ever: Our Top 5 Must-Have Features for a Basement Renovation

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Apr 14, 2016 1:00:00 PM

man caveThe possibilities are endless when it comes to designing and building out a basement or garage “man cave.” Some guys just want a place to call their own and whether it is used in whole or in part as a bar, game room, sports/movie theater, workout room or workshop, there are fun and distinctive ideas to consider incorporating.

Jazz Up the Wainscoting

We love the idea of galvanized steel wainscot showcased by They suggest covering the studs with drywall above and ½ inch plywood below. Cover the plywood with corrugated, galvanized steel to create high-style, low-maintenance wainscoting. The steel isn’t costly at only about $1.00 per linear foot. Beside the appearance, an added benefit is that the walls can be opened up to run cables easily since the steel and plywood are attached with screws, or SCRAIL® fasteners that are easily removable.

Walls that Pop

Looking for a wow factor that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family? A 3D staircase will literally create a cave look. Lining the walls with faux rocks looks best when you have a stairwell that is U- or L-shaped, as it provides the visual appearance of descending into a cave. Or if you prefer a more old-world style, then consider a brick wall archway. It’s best to use thin brick (about ½ inch thickness) to cover the arch. They can be stuck to a bed of thin-set, fill the joints with mortar and - voila - you have a classy entrance.


Gather your friends to play 18 on beautiful courses from around the world from the comfort of your home with an indoor golf simulator. There are several systems out there, but one that gets a lot of positive attention is the Optishot 2. This golf simulator uses a golf pad with realistic grass to provide you with a faithful golf experience. It uses infrared technology and 3D software to make the game feel true to life.

From Liquid to a Solid

A fun way to recycle and create a unique look for furniture is to use kegs or wine barrels for barstool bases. Furniture construction can be a rewarding project that you can be proud of for years to come. With a variety of seat construction options available, using kegs or barrels can be as funky or classy as you choose. Take it a step further and, if the furniture will be arranged so the back of the couch will be visible, then use just the top third of a couple of kegs or wine barrels as the back of a couch.

Get Charged Up

Skip the tangled mess of charging cords hanging out of outlets. Including a universal multi-device charging station in your design will keep all gadgets from going into the red. Charging multiple devices at the same time is a breeze with the added benefit of keeping them organized so you and your friends aren’t fighting over power cords.

Every step of a basement project will require fasteners. Nails and screws are the most basic construction fasteners. An alternative to basic nails and screws is available with SCRAIL® fasteners, the performance-driven fastener that features the advantages of both a nail and a screw in one. When applied with pneumatic nailers, these crossover collated fasteners can be applied twice as quickly as standard collated screws and an amazing eight times faster than bulk screws or nails.

Combining the speed of pneumatic nail application with the dramatically improved holding power of screws can get you and your crew in and out of jobs at a faster rate. If you're a contractor by profession, basement remodeling can add significantly to your business, and with SCRAIL® you can make the most of this opportunity to get the job done efficiently and swiftly.

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