What’s the Best Tool for This? A Simple Guide.

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Mar 2, 2017 4:35:43 PM

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There is more than one way to build a house. Actually, there are probably thousands of ways if you take into account the many variations of how each smaller job can be done. A wise man once said, “Don't use a screwdriver to pound nails. It takes forever and wrecks the screwdriver.” But, experience in the industry has taught us a few absolutes on the best tool for certain jobs.

Wood Framing. A quality home requires a well-built frame. To get your framing done quickly and accurately, we recommend a pneumatic strip nailer with collated nails. These tools are light-weight, increase your accuracy, have a variety of depth adjustments (if they’re high quality) and get the job done in far less time than traditional manual tools.

Drywall Installation. Again, we recommend a pneumatic nailer for this job, but in tandem with combination fasteners, like Fasco America® SCRAIL®. Drywall needs to be screwed in for strongest hold. A combination fastener that goes in like a nail but with the holding power of a screw is perfect for a quick and easy drywall install.

Subfloor Installation. Not to sound like a broken record, but a pneumatic nailer with combination fasteners is your winning tool for this job as well. Proper installation of a subfloor ensures long-lasting, squeak-free subfloors. Wood floors are often installed with hundreds of nails which can come loose over time. When constructing a new subfloor, use SubLoc® PRO SCRAIL® which was developed to avoid subfloor squeaks that result from micro-movement of the wood.

Roofing. If your roof isn’t installed properly, everything you’ve built below it is at risk. Whether you’re installing an asphalt shingle, metal, or slate roof, there’s a pneumatic tool that’s right for the job. With the right tool and fastener, you can be done two times faster than using collated screws & eight times faster than bulk screws

Trim Work. Can you guess what the best tool is to put the finishing touches on your high-quality construction job? You guessed it, a pneumatic nailer. There are a broad range of finishing nails available in collated strips to help you get your trim work done in half the time and with less dings and dents than if you used your hammer.

Obviously, we’re fans of pneumatic tools. They’re lightweight, fast, accurate, and they help save both time and money. Using quality tools and fasteners, like the full line offered by Fasco America®, shows that you take your work seriously and that you value quality workmanship. Keep your tools properly stored and regularly maintain them to keep them clean and in good working order.

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