What to Consider When Building a Garage

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on May 14, 2022 9:15:00 AM

What to Consider When Building a Garage

A garage isn't a part of the house where people always live, but it absolutely needs to be built with the same standards of care as the rest of a home. A poorly built garage can be a source of utility leaks, heating or cooling problems and an entry point for pests of all kinds. You definitely don't want these complications!

Instead, the garage you build should be sound enough so that it could even serve as an extra living space if needed. This is very doable with the right combination of sound construction techniques, tested materials and long-lasting accessories like BECK's SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® System. Let's cover some key tips now.

Detached or Attached?

Garages come in two basic styles: detached and attached. These types are mostly self-explanatory, and each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. With an attached garage, you have a new enclosed space that's integrated right into your client's house. This can, however, create logistical hassles in terms of connecting the home's piping, walls, roof, and structural integrity to that of the garage design.

On the other hand, running heating, water pipes and electricity to an attached garage can be much simpler through shared walls. There's also the nice benefit of being able to drive a car right into the garage, get out and step directly into the house itself without having to set foot outside again.

A detached garage will take up extra space on your client's property and require new lines for electrical wiring, heating and maybe even plumbing, but as a stand-alone structure, it can be heated and lit differently while also having more flexible design parameters. The permit requirements for each garage type might be different in your work area, so be sure to keep local inspection laws in mind.

Size, Space and Use Considerations

Extra garage space means more room for cars, extra bedrooms, workshops, a bathroom and even a whole apartment above the garage itself if you wanted. You as a contractor need to keep all these considerations in mind and consult carefully with your client about what they might want to include later and on what kind of budget they have.

The key reasons why this is important include planning for additional plumbing, extra electrical and for putting together a garage floor plan that takes these into consideration. It might even be a good idea to keep construction simple with a prefabricated, manufactured garage kit that you simply assemble next to the home.

Insulation and Weather Protection

As garages become more sophisticated, they also need to be stronger against all elements. A simple 2"x4" plywood shack might work reasonably well in year-round dry, sunny weather for just storing a car, but if your clients want a multipurpose garage that's built to stay warm, waterproof, and even be usable as a living space, its insulation and waterproofing needs will be the same as those of the main house. Keep this in mind and budget accordingly.

One easy to implement and extremely energy-efficient suggestion for garage design is to use metal roofing materials. These are extremely long-lasting and can create savings of 50% or more on energy costs for both garage heating and cooling.

Using the Right Tools and Materials

Regardless of which type of garage you’re constructing, using the right equipment will make a difference for repair-free longevity. BECK's SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® sheet metal fastener system lets you rapidly, efficiently, and firmly install metal roofing sections to any residential or commercial construction with power tools that ensure precision delivery. SCRAIL® ROOFLOC® fasteners create a deep grip between wood frames and metal sheeting, while being fully removable for easy repair or remodeling at a later date.


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