Choosing a Staple Gun for Your Project

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Mar 14, 2020 10:35:48 AM

F1B50-60 Fine Wire Stapler

Choosing the right staple gun for your project can be daunting, more so, if you’re unfamiliar with the breadth of styles available. Knowing the ins and outs of stapling options can ensure you’re working as effectively and efficiently as possible. The following tips will help you decide on the type of staple gun that suits your project.

Types of Projects vs. Types of Staple Guns


Crafts and Small Household Tasks

Typical craft and upholstery projects often require a light-duty staple gun. These tools work by shooting light-duty staples through their simple trigger system and can be manual or automatic. The choice lies in how many staples you’ll be applying – a few here and there won’t require an automatic, but the more staples needed, the more convenience an automatic can add. Also, always follow the three-step protocol that involves stapling, pre-engaging the firearm, and setting the staple using a light touch.


The type of fabric you are using significantly determines the kind of staple gun you require. Since staplers are perfect for upholstery, you can decide on the gun to use depending on the thickness of the fabric. The typical staple sizes for this project range from 5/16”, 3/8”, and 1/2” inch, and the length of the nose will be determined by how many tucked away areas you’ll need to access. You can either go for an electrical or a pneumatic staple gun.


For woodworking projects and finishing carpentry, staple guns with more power are ideal. Staples will be required for fastening, or as a secondary form of fastening. Cabinet makers may use glue and staples as reinforcements. A narrow pneumatic crown staple gun will be perfect for this type of project.

Construction and Manufacturing

For projects that require heavy-duty construction and manufacturing, nothing can beat the power of a pneumatic staple gun. The size of staplers and staples varies depending on the type of project you are working on. Heavy-duty construction guns are designed for sheathing, cabinet framing and carpentry.

Outdoor projects

If you are working on outdoor projects where device portability is required, a gas fence staple gun may be ideal. These staple guns are cordless, gas-powered staplers that can be used to drive staples in wooden structures to attach fencing wire. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for outdoor projects such as sheep fencing, barn construction, and carpentry.

Pneumatic Vs. Electric Staple Guns

Knowing the pros and cons of each type of staple gun plays a crucial role in your purchasing decision.

Pros of pneumatic staple guns:

  • Raw power - Pneumatic guns have the power to handle heavy-duty projects.
  • Low maintenance - These guns do not require periodic maintenance services.
  • Durable - Pneumatic gun parts are far less complicated, which helps increase their lifespan due to minimal operator error.

Pros of electric guns

  • Price - Electric staple guns are perfect for low-budget users with smaller projects.
  • Portable - These staple guns are lightweight, making them easier to transport from one project to another.
  • Reduced noise level - If you want a quieter staple gun for use in indoor working spaces, an electric staple gun will be ideal since it produces minimal noise.

Trust BECK for a staple gun to fit your needs. At BECK America, we understand your concerns about finding the right tool for your project is concerned. We offer staple guns for both residential and commercial projects, both small projects and industrial. For further clarification about FASCO tools from BECK America, call us at 800-239-TOOL (8665), or visit our official website by clicking here.

View the Video: BECK Fence Stapling System in Action

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