7 Reasons You Should Invest in High Quality Construction Tools

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 8, 2016 9:30:00 AM

High Quality Tools

You rely on your tools. You show up every day ready to work, and your tools should be ready too. That doesn’t mean you need the highest priced tools - high price is not always synonymous with high quality in the construction industry. Sometimes the less bells and whistles the better. Your tools should be made to last, here are 7 reasons why you should invest in high quality construction tools:

  1. Your tools are the lifeblood of your business. It’s simple. You need your tools to do your job. Without them, you’re out of a job.
  2. Construction jobs are tough on your tools. Building is demanding work. Every day your tools need to stand up to repetitive, high-impact tasks. Structures need to be built soundly, which means your fasteners and materials need to be applied with force and direction.
  3. Construction workers are tough on tools. There is no time for delicacy on a job site. It is a physical job that puts bodies to the test. Your crew needs tools that can keep up with the pace they set. Time is money and if the tools can’t hold up to the abuse a worker will dole out, then you’ll end up with poor construction and a frustrated team.
  4. Your tools work hard even when they’re not in use. Construction sites are exposed to the elements. While hardware may get put away overnight, it is exposed to the elements all day long. Poorly made tools are going to rust, short, and weaken far faster than quality crafted ones.
  5. Well-made tools are backed by well-run companies. When you hear the term “high quality tools,” there is no doubt a few brand names will pop into your head. Companies that care about their work, and take the time to produce quality product, earn their reputations. A quality tool will be backed by a quality guarantee.
  6. Saving money may cost you more. Trying to save money and skimp on price may mean you’re losing quality too. If you always go for the cheapest, you’ll likely end up buying multiple low-end tools when you could have just bought one quality unit. This can cost you in downtime too if a tool fails on site and you have to find a replacement.
  7. If your tools fail, so do you. When they break or break down, you are stuck without them. Or you may end up using the backup you brought that probably doesn’t work as well. Low quality tools cost you more than just the sticker price. They cost you time too.

Having high quality tools that you can rely on makes your work on the job more effective and efficient.  Who doesn’t want that? Investing in high quality tools, like the full line of FASCO® branded pneumatic tools available from FASCO® America, is always the right choice.

Download the White Paper: Benefits of Pneumatic vs. Traditional Tools


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