Create Your Own Crate to Safely Ship Holiday Gifts

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 8, 2018 9:48:00 AM

Make your own boxes

Shipping fragile holiday gifts to friends and family can become expensive very quickly. Anyone who has contacted a freight company will know that shipping a crated item is not cheap. However, there is a way to save money by making your own shipping crates from home! For tips on what needs to be crated and the supplies needed to make your own crate this holiday season, keep on reading. 

A huge trend in crating is the man crate or broquets as some are calling it. These are gift boxes geared towards men, and they come in a crate which gives them that manly flare. A man crate might include a grilling kit, golfing must haves, or maybe a bar set. There are several services online that will make and ship these crates, however, the price tag might not justify the convenience. These kits start around $50 and go all the way up to $200 depending on the size and types of items included. A more cost-effective option would be to make the crate at home and fill it up with items bought from a local store.

Man crates aren’t the only thing that might need to be shipped by crate this holiday season. Large items such as furniture or home decor are too heavy or too big to ship through traditional means like USPS and FedEx. Shipping a crated item isn’t as simple as dropping off a package to the local post office. Freight companies quote each shipment individually, so it’s a good idea to contact a few different companies to get the best offer. It will be important to accept a quote and set a pick-up date in a timely manner because most freight companies only hold quotes for 30 days. If the item is not picked up before then, a new quote is required, and during the holidays it’s likely rates will go up throughout the month of December.

For those interested in making a man crate or have an item that needs to be shipped via freight this holiday season, a trip to the local hardware store will probably be necessary. While a handy household might have everything to make a crate on hand, most people won’t have extra sheets of plywood, 2x4s, or appropriate fasteners lying around. When choosing fasteners to build a sturdy crate, look for those that have a strong holding power and drive with ease. Crating SCRAIL® fasteners, offered by BECK America, are popular because of their coarse threads that ensure easier and more consistent removal for dismantling crates. Additionally, the coarse thread gives it more surface area, which allows the fastener to grip to the wood better, an essential feature when shipping or moving valuable items. In addition to fasteners, here is a list of materials you’ll need to start making those holiday broquets:

  • 2x4s
  • 4x4s
  • Plywood
  • Foam insulation sheets
  • Impact driving drill
  • Cordless drill
  • Countersink drill bit
  • Chop Saw
  • Table Saw

For step-by-step instructions on making a crate, there are several help articles and YouTube videos made by pros to help guide you through the process. The holidays are right around the corner, and for those struggling to find an affordable shipping method for heavy, large, or fragile gifts, making a crate at home might be the best solution. For more crating tips, tricks, and best practices download our 3 Smart Strategies in Crating white paper.

Download the Whitepaper: 3 Smart Strategies in Crating

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