Deck & Cover: Shade Options for Your Deck Builds

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 18, 2020 9:33:00 AM

Shade Options for Decks

As a deck construction company, you need to have a wide range of options to offer customers on every project. Options allow consumers to feel like they have creative control of a project, and this one step is all it takes to make them choose your company over another. One area where you can grow your services is outdoor deck upgrades. While outdoor decks themselves already have a lot of options when it comes to the type of decking material, finish, shape, and size; rooftops and shade additions offer more areas to truly customize deck projects.

There are several different ways you can add shade to a custom deck, and in some cases, a customer may even have a deck system already in mind. If you don't offer it, then you risk losing the customer before you even start the project. The following are a few options for creating shade on an outdoor deck build that you can run through for your customers.


Pergolas are an excellent way to add elegance and shade to a deck. Customers have the choice of a lattice roof if they want some sun or they can choose a custom pergola for full coverage. You can also offer to install outdoor blinds on the side of the pergola for a customer who wants full coverage options on their deck.


While most people think of umbrellas as separate from their decks, clever deck building companies can incorporate umbrella fixtures into their deck builds. There are many ways to affix and create shade with umbrellas from all angles. For the cost-conscious customer, adding some umbrella fixtures can be a great way to make a standard deck look more personalized and appealing, while adding the versatility of choosing when to have shade or not.


Not only does a gazebo offer an area of shade on a deck, but it also instantly makes the entire deck look more refined. The gazebo easily becomes the focal point of a deck and creates an area where homeowners can retreat to if they want to meet with friends or unwind in the quiet of the outdoors. Build your deck construction portfolio and offer several types of gazebos such as classic, modern, and Victorian to further boost the appeal to customers.

Covered Porches

If you have a client looking at an extravagant deck construction project, consider offering a covered porch. While the flooring resembles an outdoor deck, the covered porch includes a full roofing solution and the potential to build in value-added components such as outdoor lighting, an outdoor fireplace, or outdoor fans. You may also offer the option to turn this style into a three-season room.

Regardless of which type of shade you end up building for a customer, you need to make sure that you construct all your deck builds with high-quality tools and fasteners that offer durable results. In the end, it is the durability of your deck build that will lead to word of mouth recommendations. The SCRAIL® InvisiDeck® System from BECK makes deck construction simple and creates a finished project that will look great and easily stand the test of time. Learn all about it by downloading our guide below.

Download Brochure: SCRAIL INVISIDECK HIDDEN System

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