Why It's Easier to Succeed with Metal Roofing Installs

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 3, 2016 12:55:37 PM

Easy Metal Roofing Install

Why It's Easier to Succeed with Metal Roofing Installs

Metal roofs aren’t a new concept. Some of our most historical buildings have metal roofs, like the Pantheon. But, despite being a long-lasting roofing solution, they never became mainstream in construction in the 20th century, and much of that had to do with tools.

Building with metal is cumbersome and requires heavy-duty tools that often wear out quickly. But, innovations in the tool industry have changed that!  Here are some ways FASCO America’s RoofLoc® SCRAIL® System can help you succeed in metal roof installations:

  • Pneumatic Installation
    Using a pneumatic driver helps you install a roof 8 times faster than traditional tools. That’s a huge time saver. Also, they reduce impact on your installer with less time doing repetitive action, meaning your crews will be more productive.
  • Collated Fasteners
    Pneumatic drivers allow you to use collated fasteners, which reduces time to reload. They also keep your job site safer as they come in rolls or strips instead of lots of boxes of loose fasteners lying around, ready to be kicked over at any time.

  • RoofLoc® SCRAIL®
    The key to the RoofLoc® system is the RoofLoc® SCRAIL® fasteners. They are a combination fastener that drives in like a nail but has the holding power of a screw. They get you to a finished product twice as fast as other collated screws. They also back out like a screw, making adjustments quick and easy. They have 400 pound holding strength. Each fastener has a leak-proof EPDM-washer that resists temperature contraction due to temperature extremes; and no metal residue or “pig tails” allows for superior washer seal and eliminates scratches.

There are many benefits to metal roofs: life of 40+ years, lower maintenance costs, durability to withstand severe weather, lower heating and cooling expenses, increasingly made of sustainable and recycled materials and a shorter installation time. Take all those benefits, combine them with a tool that can help you install them quicker with a fastener designed to hold up as long the roof, and you have a winning combination guaranteed to lead to successful metal roof installation.

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