Fall is a Great Time to Plan and Build a Deck!

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 3, 2020 9:18:00 AM

Fall Deck Building

The best time for deck construction is when few others are thinking about it. Think fall and off season. As the weather warms up, more people will want to enjoy the outdoors and hang out on their beautiful outdoor decks. As you can imagine, this increases the demand for deck builders. It is best to let the spring and summer deck building rush pass by and reach out to an experienced deck contractor in the fall when others are not thinking the same thing.

Here are more reasons why fall is ideal for deck construction.

Shorter Wait Time

Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for deck construction. This means that most deck construction contractors are busy handling multiple projects. As we get into fall, things slow down. Considering construction crews are not receiving as many jobs during this time, their schedule has more openings and availability, allowing them to focus on your project. There is a good chance your project will be one of the few jobs your deck builder is planning to work on, leading to shorter wait times.

Better Ground Conditions

During the fall season, the weather is a lot more bearable, and the ground and conditions are more favorable for yardwork and landscaping. Plants tend to be more resilient to disruption. This makes it easier to work on deck construction without causing any significant damage to your property. The wetness and rain associated with spring lead to muddier soil and turf, which can lead to disruption of the existing landscaping. Also, cooler temperatures make for a less tiring work environment.

It Can Help Save Money

Off-season construction certainly comes with discounts and incentives. Contractors are usually more willing to negotiate on pricing. You can also save on materials as suppliers are more likely to negotiate a deal during the fall when the demand for decking materials is lower.

You Will Have Your Outdoor Area Ready for Spring and Summer

Having your deck constructed in fall means that by the time the first warm spring day arrives, your new deck will be ready for use. You will not have to worry about lost time brought about by backyard construction during the seasons when you should be using your deck.

Additionally, this is the best time to stain a wooden deck as it dries more evenly. Your project's integrity will not experience negative effects of humid conditions during warmer months that lead to peeling and cracking of wooden decks.

Get Started on Planning Your Outdoor Deck

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How to Make your Deck Surface Look Flawless

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