On the Fence: What's the Best Fastener for Fencing Projects?

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jun 1, 2017 9:10:00 AM

Fencing Fasteners

Fences serve many purposes, whether it’s for the home or commercial property. Fences, big and smallan be made of several different materials depending on your needs. Whether you need to keep the livestock in, mark the property line or just add a decorative feature to the backyard, every fence needs to be built to last. Choosing quality materials is key when building a fence. It’s always better to build it right the first time than having to re-do the project every couple of years. Choose the best fastener for your fencing project to ensure you only have to do it once.

Wood, vinyl, and wire are among the most popular for residential and commercial fencing projects. If your client chooses to install one of these fencing types, provide them with quality fasteners that will make the finished product last.

  • Wire fencing – When installing a wire fence, a stapling system is best fit for the job. The Beck® fence stapling system is an air-driven pneumatic tool, or our gas driven tool, combined with corrosion resistant staples, that provides outstanding holding power and superior drivability. If you’re looking to install electric wire fencing, there is a special adapter available to install the plastic wire mount as well.
  • Wood and vinyl fencing – There is much debate whether to use nails or screws when installing a wood or vinyl fence because they both have their own pros and cons. The solution to this problem comes in the form of a combination fastener; these nail/screws are easily installed like a nail and have the sturdy hold of a screw. The Beck Fastener Group® created SCRAIL®, which can be easily removed and adjusted throughout your projects and helps you complete the job twice as fast. The pneumatic tools give you lightweight, low-impact handling combined with durable, long-lasting holding power.

These fasteners are equipped with a solid and durable design suited for the most demanding jobs. Provide clients with a job that is done correct the first time, saving them time and money.

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