Add Happy to Your Holidays with a Gabion Ring Fastener Tool

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 7, 2020 10:55:50 AM

Gabion Fence Wall

Construction teams want Santa to know that time-saving tools are always much appreciated! This year, the hot item on wish lists is a pneumatic gabion ring fastener tool. Designed to make short work of gabion wall and fence construction, an air powered hog ring plier offers construction workers the ability to build gabion fencing and cages efficiently and effectively.

Gabion Wall and Fence Construction

The term gabion comes from the Italian word for “cage.” A gabion is an open, wire container that is filled with material such as sand, soil, concrete, or rock. Gabions are most often used as hardscape walls or fences as a powerful barrier against erosion. Construction companies installing gabions prefer cages crafted from stainless steel, galvanized steel, and PVC. Because they're manufactured to stand up to the inclement weather and harsh conditions, gabions are amazingly functional, while offering interesting aesthetic appeal.  

More Benefits of Gabion Cages

There are many benefits and applications of gabion walls and fences. Along with erosion control, they're used in road building, civil engineering projects, military applications, structural foundations and sometimes even as architectural features. Because these cages are permeable, they're ideally suited for erosion control, especially along shorelines. Location and the elements will determine a gabion’s life span. A coastal gabion exposed to water and salt will deteriorate at a faster pace; however, inland gabions can last 50 to 100 years. Due to their filled weight, gabions normally don’t need to have a foundation created before installing – the longer they are in place, the more they settle and the stronger they become.

Gabion Walls Are Sustainable

Gabion walls are more eco-friendly than many other erosion controls like concrete retaining walls. They have a lower carbon footprint since they release fewer CO2 emissions than concrete walls. These walls can be filled with local minimally processed stone and then blended into the environment with foliage or vegetation growth.

Durability You Can Rely On

Gabion walls are designed to last. Extremely durable, these walls aren't subject to cracking over time like concrete. Since they have some flexibility, they're able to move and conform with the earth as it moves or shifts. The key is to choose gabion material that will work best for your specific application.

Holding it All Together

Gabions and Gabion walls are fastened with rings. Fastening each section of the gabion cage material can be a tedious job, but it’s much easier when using a power tool. If you have gabion project, a pneumatic tool like the FASCO® FCL45A Gabion ring fastening tool is a must-have solution. Also known as a hog ringer or C-ringer, this gabion ringer will make cage construction a breeze. It will save construction teams time as well as money, plus with a double grip and non-slip handle, you can expect to use it comfortably with minimal fatigue.

Here’s hoping Santa leaves the FASCO® FCL45A Gabion under your tree this year. Weighing in as less than 15 pounds, it won’t weigh down his sleigh. But, if Santa doesn't deliver this year, spoil yourself and buy it on your own from FASCO® (a member of the BECK Group), one of the world’s most respected manufacturers of pneumatic tools. Contact us here to get yours!

View the Gabion Ringer in Action

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