Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, But What Makes a Good Fence?

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Mar 23, 2017 10:39:00 AM

Good Neighbors, Good Fence

There are a lot of reasons people want fences. Whether it’s to keep something in or keep someone out, they all ultimately want the same thing, a fence that lasts. Here we discuss the most important factors of good fencing.

Serves Its Purpose.

Why was the fence built in the first place? A property line marker? To keep a pet in? Create a visual barrier from the nosy neighbors? Just to be decorative? A good fence does what its owners want. If you have a chain link fence, but you want it to block the view from the neighbors, you need to consider a new type of fence. If it’s to keep your pet in, but it’s a split rail, that can be a problem. A good fence is one that addresses all of the owner’s expectations.

Quality Materials.

There’s nothing worse than building a fence than having to build it twice. From posts to the fasteners, a fence should be made of quality materials built to last. Fences aren’t cheap, but that doesn’t mean you should try to cut costs by getting low-quality supplies. If it’s a wood fence, be sure it’s the proper species for your climate zone and purpose. If you’re using wire, be sure it’s galvanized and high-quality so it doesn’t rust.

When it comes to fasteners, the same applies. It's important, therefore, to use strong fasteners that are high quality, sized correctly for the job, and weather-resistant. The BECK® Fence Stapling System relies upon air-driven fence stapling, boasting superior holding power and corrosion protection, and creating a reliable, long-term fence fastening solution. The fence stapler is ideal for attaching any type of wire fencing to wood, including chain link fences, barbed wire, high-tensile wire, animal cages, and livestock panel enclosures.

Lasting Construction.

As we mentioned, you only want to build a fence once. A well-built and maintained fence can last over 20 years, and some up to 40 years depending on the wood species. If care is put into proper installation and material choice of braces, posts, wires and fasteners, your fence can be something you only have to think about once. If it’s poorly installed, it can become a repeated maintenance headache.

Constructing a good fence using high-quality materials, such as the BECK® Fence Stapling System which includes air-driven fence stapling that gives superior holding power and corrosion protection for wire to wood applications, will benefit you, your fence and your relationship with your neighbors.

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