4 Home Improvement Projects to Cure the Winter Blues

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 1, 2016 9:11:00 AM

Basement with Fireplace

Winter can be punishing to people that spend the rest of their year building outside. Those few months can make you feel restless… trapped. But just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you love. Put those idle hands to work on one of these excellent indoor home improvement projects.

Refinish the Basement.

A finished basement can be a great escape in the winter. It can be a home gym, a place for the kids to play, or a haven for sports fans who want to watch the game in peace. There’s no better time to take on basement remodels than when you’re trapped inside from the cold weather. As winter claustrophobia sets in, not having it done will create its own incentive! One of our favorite basement remodel projects is the ever popular Man Cave. Check out this article for tips on the top features every Man Cave should have.

Insulate the Attic.

Ideally you would have this done before cold weather sets in, but doing it in the cold still does have its advantages. Installing insulation or repairing what’s already there is easiest when you can feel where the leaks are originating. Cold weather sneaking into a warm attic is far easier to detect than warm air in the stifling heat of summer. Plus, with a pneumatic stapler, this job is a snap. Don’t know much about insulation or how to install it? Read this article for some insulation basics.

Fix Squeaky Floors.

Cold weather affects your floors and squeaks become more prominent. Use your time indoors to do a little investigating into the sources of your floor squeaks, likely to be found in your subfloor. Most can be easily repaired with construction adhesive, shims or blocking and some sturdy fasteners, like SCRAIL®, installed in the correct place. Want to learn more about the source of squeaks? Read this article on subfloor installation.

Clean Up Your Tool Storage.

Ok, this isn’t exactly a home improvement project, but it’s a project that’s perfect for winter when your tools tend to be gathered in one place (instead of sprinkled over job sites). Install pegboards for easy storage that you can easily access. Separate all your fasteners into labeled bins for nails, screws, and combination fasteners. If you love pneumatic tools as much as we do, check out this simple tutorial to build the perfect tool storage cart.

Regardless which of these projects you decide to try, or if you try all of them, FASCO America® has the perfect tool and the ideal fasteners for the job. We offer a full range of pneumatic tools and combination fasteners that you can rely on for any and all of your winter projects.

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