The Top Home Improvement Trends for 2022

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 1, 2022 9:15:00 AM

Home Improvement Trends 2022

The new year is here and with it, the booming peak of the 2022 construction and renovation season has begun. We're talking about spring, summer and fall of this year and lots of projects are sure to be in the works for all kinds of minor and major home renovations.

In many of these 2022 projects, subfloors and flooring will likely be part of any build at some point. Handling this task as smoothly and firmly as possible with patented SCRAIL® SubLoc® PRO diamond-coated fasteners, can reduce the possibility of loose work that requires a callback and wasted time which could mean missing out on some of these new home improvement trends:

  1. Specialized Outdoor Rooms

Even before the COVID Pandemic, building elaborate outdoor rooms for gardens and patios was a popular project type among homeowners. Now in the following year, it's likely going to become even more common, but with some complex additions such as full-service outdoor kitchens, outdoor ovens for pizzas, and fireplaces or fire pits. Outdoor garden rooms that serve as protection against frost and animals for food gardens will also be in demand.

  1. Home Office Improvements

Without a doubt, there’s also been a surge in work-from-home trends that have normalized what used to be a less common practice. For many white collar and tech industry professionals, this permanent shift to telecommuting means a desire for substantial, comfort-maximizing, home office renovations. These will be especially aimed at building distinct, separate office spaces in people's homes or at renovating existing offices for greater overall comfort. Searches for home offices have increased by 108% in 2021. In 2022, this will absolutely mean more renovation projects in this direction.

  1. Ever Larger Home Additions and ADUs

In 2022, those who can afford to, will be expanding the size of their homes by adding in new rooms or by expanding existing spaces such as living rooms or kitchens. The crave for broadening internal space is also an offshoot of the Pandemic and it's nearly certain to increase in the coming months. In addition to this, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are likely to become an important trend. These home additions normally come in sizes that range from between 400 to as many as 1,200 square feet. They're something many home renovation customers could desire for the simple reason that they offer increased privacy between family members sharing a home for extended periods of time.

  1. Better HVAC Systems

A simpler but extremely vital part of home renovation that will without a doubt see a growth trend in 2022 is the installation of new HVAC systems—or at least their thorough renovation in older homes. A desire for filtered, clean fresh hair that ventilates well has become a major part of public health consciousness in the last 2 years, and the reasons why are obvious enough. This will set the trend on a high demand for improved ventilation and air filtration systems in new home projects for the next year.

Using the Right Tools for Strong Subflooring

For all of the above projects, subfloors are going to be a crucial part of the renovation project process. BECK’s SCRAIL® SubLoc® PRO is the way to go. These subfloor screws offer adhesive diamond coating for superior fastening integrity. Furthermore, their double thread system eliminates a smooth shank along the top edge of each screw. The combination of these two patented characteristics is uniquely designed to ensure subfloor screws that practically end squeaking micromovement in flooring wood, even in situations where the wood itself slightly shrinks or warps. Watch the video below to see how the SCRAIL® SubLoc® PRO works.

SCRAIL Subloc PRO How to Video

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