Tips to Build a Modern & Simple Headboard

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 13, 2017 12:20:40 PM


Clients are always looking for a standout piece, or a feature that is going to set their home apart from the rest. When it comes to redesigning the bedroom, there are many pieces you can offer clients that will define the space, a vanity, dresser or the project we will be focusing on, a modern and simple headboard.

The bed is typically the focal point of the bedroom and the headboard is the perfect compliment and can be done several different ways to fit a client's needs.

Style - Style means everything when creating standout pieces for a client's home. Depending on the decor of the room, you can make your headboard fit into the rustic, modern, playful, contemporary or simple style of the room. For a rustic style, clients may appreciate the repurposing of a wood pallet for the headboard while a colorful backdrop and lights may be better suited for the playful child's room.

Material - The material you choose will go hand and hand with the client's style. Fabric has become very popular for headboards and is easy to construct by simply wrapping padding and fabric around a sheet of plywood and stapling to the back. Other material options include wood pallets, repurposed window frames or shutters, wooden doors and shelving.

Customized Touches - Providing clients with custom features is what will set your work apart from the rest. If you create a rustic pallet headboard, add a finishing touch for a couple by painting Mr. & Mrs. on to the piece. Quotes, pictures, and lighting are additional features you can add to customize the headboard.

Built to Last - Most importantly, create a product for clients that will not only be the standout piece they wanted for their home, but the piece that is equipped with the durability to last for years to come. Use long-lasting, galvanized fasteners, like the Mini-SCRAIL® collated fasteners. This fastener shares the same advantages and innovations of the SCRAIL® fastener, like fast and easy adjusting and removal but the Mini-SCRAIL® is specifically sized for the finishing of finer projects, like furniture. The small size makes this product perfect for handling intricate details where space is limited. It’s also available in a range of finishes and colors to complement any look.

Using this guide to start your modern and simple headboard project along with a fastener like the Mini-SCRAIL®, clients will be pleased with their product and see what makes your services standout.

For more on the SCRAIL® fastener, watch our video - SCRAIL® - The Faster Fastener.

View the SCRAIL: The Faster Fastener Video

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