How to Save Money on Your Next Fencing Project

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 8, 2015 5:37:41 PM
bigstock-Gardening-80795975Regardless of whether you are a contractor planning a large scale fencing project or a homeowner about to embark on a do it yourself landscape fence, reducing your overall costs while remaining committed to quality workmanship will result in greater satisfaction and more money in your pocket. Choosing the best fencing materials for each particular job is key to saving money; wood or vinyl fences are best suited to suburban areas, and both types require metal fasteners to secure the fencing components. Nails and screws are commonly used, yet each has specific disadvantages; specialty nail and screw products, such as SCRAIL® fasteners, are often the superior choice, being very fast to install while providing excellent holding power.

Nails vs. Screws… or Both!

Before combination nail and screw products entered the market, contractors and homeowners could only choose between traditional nails and screws to fasten the components of their wood or vinyl fences. Although nails are fast to install and can be used in tight locations, they often result in both short and long term problems, such as loosening of components and staining of post materials. Screws provide superior holding power compared to nails, but take longer to install and have a higher upfront cost. Combining the use of both nails and screws with an eye for efficiency can prove to be an effective way to produce a high quality fence at a reasonable cost, but may still not be the best choice for the job.

Products such as SCRAIL® fasteners provide both speed and a very secure hold, resulting in lower labor costs overall. They can be installed up to eight times faster than bulk screws and can be removed and adjusted with ease, making them particularly well suited to temporary applications. In turn, they provide a fast return on your investment and a higher quality end product, making them an excellent choice for any wood or vinyl fencing project.

Fewer Callbacks Means Happy Customers and Higher Returns

In addition to the initial savings on labor costs, SCRAIL® fasteners are likely to reduce the number of callbacks you receive from customers, or premature repairs you need to make as a homeowner. Choosing the best fastener for the job will not only save you money up front on your next fencing project; you'll experience less hassle than when using inferior or inappropriate products that will only result in work that needs to be redone prematurely.

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