Labor Day Weekend Warrior - Quick Fixes in Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 31, 2017 1:55:43 PM

Labor Day Weekend Warrior

Holiday weekends are the calendar year’s greatest gift to homeowners. With an extra day added to the roster, the possibilities are limitless. This Labor Day weekend, tackle a project that never seems to fit into the standard Friday-Sunday timeline, and still have time for a family BBQ or two.

Deck – While the dog days of summer may be over, give your deck new life for any weekend guests you may be expecting. Power wash the deck for a fast and simple solution or consider taking advantage of some extra hours and re-stain.

Once you’ve got a clean slate be sure to check for loose or damaged boards. The moisture and sun exposure from the summer can loosen screws and nails. You don’t want an uneven or unstable deck that could cause safety hazards, like stepping on a protruding screw or nail with bare feet.  If your deck needs repairs, there is an easy solution.  Turn to the hidden fasteners in the InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® Deck Fastening System. This system creates a completely smooth finish with no visible fasteners. The clips and SCRAIL® are installed under the deck's surface and hold tight without being seen.

Fence – Before the colder days set in, be sure to take on any fencing projects while you still can. Whether it be patching the fence or replacing it all together, the BECK® Fence Stapling System provides the perfect balance of superior holding strength and best-in-class corrosion resistance.  With the added benefit of using a pneumatic stapler for ease and speed, you won’t be eating up your entire holiday weekend.

Outdoor Furniture - Adirondacks represent the ultimate in outdoor furniture luxury. Perfect for the last days of summer and autumn evening bonfires. You’re going to love your adirondack so why not build it to last for years to come. Use long-lasting, FasCoat® and Stainless Steel Fasteners, like the Mini-SCRAIL® collated fasteners. This fastener shares the same advantages and innovations of the SCRAIL® fastener, like fast and easy adjusting and removal. The Mini-SCRAIL® is specifically sized for the finishing of finer projects, like furniture. The small size makes this product perfect for handling intricate details where space is limited. It’s also available in a range of finishes and colors to complement any look. For the ultimate adirondack building guide, click here.

By using these fasteners and systems you’ll earn your badge as a victorious Weekend Warrior and still have time for relaxing in your updated space.

Download the Whitepaper: 5 Important Tips for Building the Perfect Fence

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