The Latest Decking Trends

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 31, 2021 9:15:00 AM


Following a year of explosive growth in the home improvement industry, we are once again in the midst of a busy deck-building season as demand for outdoor living spaces remains high. Today, we are looking at the new trends in deck building for 2021 so you are aware of the trends and can be prepared to deliver whatever your client desires.
Outdoor entertaining

Gone are the days of small decks with just enough room for a grill and a tiny table. Today’s customers are requesting bigger decks in custom shapes that can accommodate sitting areas, dining areas, firepits, and even outdoor kitchens.

For customers who never want to leave their new outdoor space, covered decks offering protection from the sun and rain make outdoor entertaining possible even in inclement weather. Plus, a covered deck allows your customers to add amenities such as ceiling fans, lights, and radiant heating to their deck.

Finally, the additions of deck lighting, railings, stairs, and ceilings means that a customer can safely enjoy a relaxing evening outside of their home.

Whether your clients are hoping to build a deck for a quiet backyard getaway or a space for large gatherings, Principia Consulting, a market research firm for the construction industry, expects the outdoor entertaining trend to continue as “social behavior to stay close to home and staycations become more common.”

High Quality Materials at a Lower Price

In 2021, homeowners are opting for decks constructed of durable materials that will keep maintenance costs low. As a result, manufacturers are seeking to reduce the cost between composite decking and treated lumber as they strive to meet the demand for wood-alternative decking. There are many reasons for a client to prefer composite materials including greater durability and water resistance, but before you recommend a product be sure that you have reviewed the nuances between each material to help your customer choose the best material for the job.

Unique and Modern Designs

As clients spend more time at home, they are willing to spend more money to create a deck that is unique to their home. Designs that mix wooden boards with metal railings can provide a customer with a luxurious rustic deck that can be the focal point of their backyard. Such simplified railing systems can be more affordable than those made of wood. Even better is that they are easy to install, saving you time and money while also giving your client’s new deck a sleek, modern look.

Another great way to build a modern style deck is to install the boards perpendicular to the home. Doing so creates the illusion of a wider deck—just be sure that your joist placement and spacing will align to accommodate the perpendicular orientation.

Experimenting with color is a great way for your clients to customize their space. For homes that are a light color, another option that can add a touch of modern to a backyard is to build a deck with dark wood that creates a strong contrast with a home’s siding.

Homeowners hoping to take their deck to the next level will appreciate multi-level or tiered decks which can be constructed with a main sitting area, and a cozy upper or lower level. Your customers will love the option of having a private deck for relaxing on hot summer nights, and a main deck they can use to entertain.

Finally, hidden decking clips, when installed using BECK’s InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System, eliminate unsightly hardware, giving your customers a seamless deck that is modern and stylish.

BECK Can Help Modernize Your Next Deck

For more than 115 years, BECK has provided innovative and reliable tools for use by construction professionals on projects large and small. We are pleased to welcome a new product to our family of fasteners—Splitless.Decking.SCRAIL®. What sets it apart is the specially developed blunt “splitless” diamond point in combination with the patented Diamond Coating. It has a blunt point to minimize the splitting of the wood as well as the Diamond Coating for superior holding power. Developed for fast installation of high-end decks, it is also 8 times faster to use than bulk screws. Drives like a nail, turns out like a screw. To learn more about how this product can improve your project’s build quality, click here to download our Splitless.Decking.SCRAIL® brochure today.

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