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Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 7, 2019 9:19:00 AM

LignoLoc Fasteners

In this technological age, it feels like upgrades and innovation are the norm, so staying up to date on the industry trends is important to give you the competitive edge. Construction innovations can increase quality, safety and speed of building projects, and the evolution of fasteners is a great example of this. They are a crucial component of any build. Let’s take a look at where the world of fasteners is headed.

Specific Functions

One category that has experienced growth in recent years is fasteners that offer specific functional permanence. These fasteners can be permanently installed but can also be removed and replaced if necessary. Traditional permanent joining processes, such as welding, riveting and adhesion, are now a thing of the past. With those methods, you could not disassemble the work without damage. But with these fasteners, the attachment can be impermanent, while still having the strength capabilities of a permanent fastener.

Size Matters

The larger the fastener, the stronger it is, right? Not true. Smaller fasteners are another recent trend. These more petite fasteners are available in compact designs so they can take up less real estate, fit closer to the edges, and can be placed in tighter spaces when efficiency is needed, while still providing the necessary strength and holding power. They can also work on ultra-thin applications where traditional fasteners would be far too bulky.

Other benefits of smaller fasteners: Lower delivery and manufacturing costs. Also, the speed and efficiency of work improves they can be loaded into semi-automated power fastening tools, virtually eliminating loose screws which has been a problem for years when workers had to install them one at a time.

Unconventional Materials

With innovation comes the use of unconventional materials, which, in the case of fasteners, can help save on costs, lower the weight, and protect the environment. For instance, there are hybrid fasteners, incorporating both plastic and metal. This material mixture is gaining popularity because the fasteners can be color coded for easier identification and beautification. Other innovative fastener materials you can find on the market include powdered metal (these can be shaped for the more unusual space) and stainless steel (good for resisting corrosion).

Another innovation now on the market is wooden fasteners, which are easier to recycle and install seamlessly into wood applications. LignoLoc®, developed by the BECK Fastener Group®, is the first ever fireable wooden nail for use in industrial production and ecological timber construction. The special design of the LignoLoc® nail tip generates a large amount of heat by friction when the nail is driven, causing the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance to substance bond. LignoLoc® wooden nails are shot pneumatically, which eliminates the need for any additional pre-drilling, such as that for wooden dowels, saving time and money. Builds fastened with wooden nails are easier to recycle at the end of their service life because the nails do not need to be removed beforehand.

Even though fasteners are just one of many materials you’ll need for your next project, they’re a vital component to any build. Being knowledgeable about the latest industry trends will keep your workmanship in demand, while taking advantage of these new innovations will help you save time and money as well. Visit the website by clicking the link below.

Visit LignoLoc Website

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