Latest trends in pneumatic nail guns, part I

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 15, 2015 1:49:00 PM

Pneumatic Tool TrendsAccording to a study by the Freedonia Group, US demand for power and hand tools is forecasted to increase 2.9 percent annually through 2018 to $12.7 billion, with the professional market anticipated to remain dominant with faster forecasted growth vs. the consumer segment.  This makes the highly demanding commercial sector the driver behind the latest trends in pneumatic nail gun design and development.  

Internationally, China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with the market for pneumatic tools in particular anticipated to grow by 23.6% between 2012 -2016 according to a report available from Research and Markets, "Pneumatic and Sealing Products Market in China 2012-2016."  

Commenting on this report, a press release by Research and Markets states that, "One of the major trends in the Pneumatic and Sealing Products market in China is the shift from electric power tools to pneumatic tools.  Pneumatic tools have replaced electric power tools in many applications. One of the main reasons for end-users to adopt pneumatic tools over electric power tools is that they are lighter and smaller in size than electric power tools. Pneumatic tools could be used over a longer period of time also. Moreover, pneumatic tools are ideal for operations in volatile environments, since there is no fear of spillage and leakage [as] when hydraulic tools are used."

Whether in the US or abroad, a commercial contractor has a significant investment tied up in professional-grade tools, making it critical to their profitability to deliver high performance over a long lifetime of heavy-duty jobs.  The need is growing for high quality, durable, and price-competitive tools that will consistently perform at a rate that helps the contractor get even the biggest jobs done faster, making them a profit-generating and dependable partner on the job site.

With pressure on margins here in the US, and growing international demand, many inexpensive "me-too" tools are flooding in from Asia and other offshore sources, but the level of quality is still critically sub-par vs. that required by heavy users.  

The BECK Fastener Group® has taken a different approach to responding to these gaps in the marketplace with several new items that deliver the time and cost savings contractors demand, while keeping the focus on quality, versatility, and creating products that can power through projects faster.

Unlike cheap knock-off items, The BECK Fastener Group® creates tools that will be a consistent workhorse day in and day out, because they are built to last, even in extreme conditions.

In particular, as the economy rebounds, we've noted that there is no shortage of big projects out there that require tools built for heavier capacity.  For instance, tools for fastening rafters and joists, trusses, framing, pallets, and boxes and crating are in high demand, but the selection of pneumatic tools in this "Jumbo" sector is relatively thin.

F58AC Pneumatic "Scrailer

The new F58AC CHN33-90B SCR pneumatic "Scrailer" tool is a strip nailer designed for the tough stuff, featuring:

  • Compatibility with 33° Paper Tape Clipped Head Nails, 33° Plastic Strip SCRAIL® (both fine and coarse    threads), 33° Paper Tape Offset Nails, and 33° Paper Tape Full Round Head Nails
  • Patent pending design with good ergonomics and excellent tool balance
  • New, easy jam clearing system: total release of the complete magazine
  • Removable lock-out device to prevent dry firing
  • Includes a patented sequential fire / bump fire (Single Shot / Contact Trip) device, which is the safest in the world.
  • Applications:  rafters and joists, fencing, decking, pallets, trusses, boxes and crates, framing

Download Product Brochure F58AC


Heavy-Duty Coil Nailer

The F44AC CN15W-PS65 is one of their newest heavy-duty coil nailers, featuring:

  • Easy to handle thanks to light weight and good balance
  • Drives both wire welded and plastic sheet collated coil nails (15° Wire Coil Nails, 15° Plastic Sheet Coil Nails)
  • Fully pneumatic feeding and positioning system allows precise nailing
  • Includes switchable trigger for full sequential fire and bump fire
  • Tool-free depth control
  • Rubber comfort grip and adjustable exhaust
  • Removable no mar tip
  • Applications:  siding, roof joists, fencing, garden furniture, sub-flooring, boxes and crates, decking

Download the F44AC Nailer Brochure


What trends are you seeing in the pneumatic tool industry?  Let us know in the "Comments" section! 


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