Metal Roofs and Solar Panels: The Perfect Pairing

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 20, 2019 9:52:15 AM

Metal Roofs and Solar Panels

Peanut butter & jelly, Bert & Ernie, salt & pepper… These famous pairs go together so well that it’s hard to imagine one without the other. The same could be said for metal roofs and solar panels. It’s become a popular trend to bring these two together, so it’s important to understand why before talking to homeowners.

Benefits of Solar Panels

Saving money is the number one benefit to solar panel installation. It reduces, and in some cases eliminates, energy bills, plus can help the homeowner earn tax credits and rebates. It also improves the value of the home. Another highly publicized benefit is that solar panels help protect the environment since it’s a clean, renewable energy source and does not release pollutants into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofs beat out conventional roofing materials in many ways: They’re light weight (so there are savings to be had in terms of engineering and structure support), are often made of recycled materials, and are very durable, generally lasting as long as the house. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, rot, and insects. The also require minimal roof pitch and are practically impervious to rain and snow.

Metal roofing is also very simple to install—if your installer is knowledgeable on metal roofing and proper installation. Those in the know use FASCO’s RoofLoc® SCRAIL® system. It was developed by the BECK Fastener Group® to install metal roofing and facades quickly and efficiently by combining the pneumatic FASCO® RoofLoc® Installation Tool and the patented RoofLoc® SCRAIL®. The fasteners have a 560-pound holding strength, leakproof EPDM-washers that resist temperature contraction, FasCoat® corrosion-resistant finish, and eliminate metal residue to allow for optimal washer seal. While no metal roof is impermeable, installation using the RoofLoc® SCRAIL® system, in combination with the expertise of a trained installer, can temper the potential risks and lead to a roof that will outlast the structure it protects.

Why They Should Be Paired

Solar panels and metal roofs share some commonalities—they are both easy to install, durable, and environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s simple to install the panels on a metal roof, more so than any other material since the installer won’t have to create roof holes in order to install the panels (the holes causing leakage and interior damage). In addition, metal roofs tend to get hot under the sunlight, and by having solar panels over them, it will increase the cooling benefits to your home. With so many positives, it's very appealing when considering roofing options. For more details about the SCRAIL® Roofloc ® System, read through this brochure.

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