Why Metal Siding Is Fantastic for Farming

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 10, 2017 9:48:54 AM

Metal Siding for Farming

When farm structures are built across the countryside, builders dream of their legacy, being able to pass these buildings down in excellent condition to the many generations to come. With this in mind, farm structures need to be built to last, which requires investments be made up front to ensure longevity and durability. Farmers have been the backbone of American agriculture for decades, and they have relied upon metal roofing and siding for durable construction just as long. Here are some of the reasons why.

Cost Effective. Agricultural buildings are often much larger in size than an average residential homestead, so when building a barn, cost effective materials matter. While metal siding materials have a larger upfront cost, experienced builders know that the initial investment is more cost effective in the long run. Metal siding can last anywhere from 40-70 years, while other materials would require many repairs or replacements within that same time frame.

Weather Resistant. Metal siding was built to withstand weather conditions of all types. Snow, hail, frost, rain, wind, and even extreme heat are no competition for metal siding. Because of this, metal siding is popular among farms located in regions that experience severe winters or unbearably hot temperatures. Additionally, metal siding does not absorb moisture, making mold and fungus a non-issue.

Minimal Maintenance. Those who would rather spend their time in the field than making repairs to their barn love that metal siding requires little to no maintenance. Metal siding requires minimal attention if properly installed, and can go untouched for years.

Fire Resistant. One of the leading causes of barn fires relates to hay storage or smoking. Metal siding provides peace of mind because it’s fire resistant, and can even provide potential savings when related to purchasing insurance.

Durable. Metal siding can outrun the course of other material options by years because of its exceptional durability. The material won’t crack or corrode with time, or fail under intense conditions. Metal siding is fantastic for agricultural buildings because its longevity will keep up with generations of the heavy usage that is common in farming applications.

Easy to Install. Metal siding is incredibly simple and quick to install. With the help of pneumatic tools, installing metal siding has never been faster. Pneumatic tools and collated, combination fasteners like the RoofLoc® system offered by FASCO America® make any installation project easy. The key is the fastener that drives in like a nail but has the holding power of a screw. They also back out like a screw, making adjustments quick and easy.

Watch the RoofLoc® video for a closer look into this tool’s specifications.

Video: RoofLoc SCRAIL System - Metal Siding Project

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