Heavy Metal: 10 Reasons Why Metal Siding Rocks

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 7, 2019 10:01:20 AM

Heavy Metal Siding

For those about to rock, we salute you. For those about to install metal siding on to homes, we present 10 reasons why metal siding really rocks! A home’s exterior plays a major role in curb appeal and property value. Siding is the main contributor, dictating the style and look of the home. There are also many other benefits to using metal siding.

  1. Adequate Insulation

Does metal insulate a home as well as other types of siding? When used on its own, the answer is no. However, when combined with regular insulation – particularly spray insulation – you will have an excellent thermal barrier around the home. Metal insulation will also protect a structure from the elements, such as UV rays, high winds, hail, rain and moisture.

  1. Long-Lasting

Doing the necessary, but simple, maintenance, you can expect metal siding to last up to 50 years. Maintenance typically includes regular cleaning, replacing any damaged parts and re-coating it after 30 years. Metal can rust, so make sure to treat or replace any part of the siding that shows signs of rusting.

  1. Fire Resistant

When it comes to fires and extreme heat, metal siding has no peers. Most metal siding has a fire rating of “noncombustible”, meaning it will not catch on fire or spread a fire further. Most metal siding products come with either a Design No. W404 one-hour wall fire rating or a Design No. W413 two-hour wall UL fire rating.

  1. No Need to Repaint

Metal siding is equipped with a particular type of coating—usually some combination of kylar, silicone, or polyester. This coating does not crack, chip or fade. It’s virtually indestructible against the elements for up to 30 years.

  1. Super Easy to Clean

To save time and preserve metal siding, a professional can always be hired to do the cleaning. However, many people find that it’s easy to clean the metal surface themselves using dish washing liquid or laundry detergent to clean the metal surface.

  1. Easy Installation

As a contractor, you will find that it is easy to install. The SCRAIL® RoofLoc® fastening system makes it simple to install metal siding around an entire home. With SCRAIL® fasteners, you will never have to worry about the metal siding coming loose, since they drive in like a nail but hold like a screw. Likewise, if you have to replace the metal siding, you can easily remove the fasteners and replace the piece.

  1. You Can Get the Rustic Look

Regardless of all the hype surrounding metal coating and protection, it might be the more rustic aesthetic that is desired. If so, steel that is naturally weathered already has a built-in protective feature that will preserve it through the years. You can also purchase bare metal, which will slowly oxidize and rust in time.

  1. Sustainable and Recyclable

For those that are green-conscious and want a sustainable siding solution, metal siding may be the solution. It gets high marks for being the #1 recycled siding material. Some steel products are 100% recyclable. Since steel requires little to no maintenance and lasts up to 50 years, it’s also a highly sustainable solution. A wood-sided house can gobble up 40 to 50 trees. By comparison, steel siding requires steel from 6 scrapped cars.

  1. No Rot, Mold or Termites

If cleaned often, steel siding naturally resists mold and rot. It also resists pests such as termites. It has a tough material that is almost impossible to cut through or penetrate. If steel siding does have a little mold in shady areas of the house, it can be removed with very little effort using a gentle detergent.

  1. Lots of Design Option

Mention the word steel and homeowners automatically think of something that feels institutional and cold. However, steel siding provides many design options. Some designs emulate other materials such as stone or wood. With all the possibilities available for steel siding, it’s simple to find something that compliments your customer’s home exterior.

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