What the New Generation of Homeowners Want: Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 27, 2018 10:03:28 AM

Outdoor Living

Millennials have taken over as the largest living generation, and soon there will be a spike in housing demand as it comes time for them to buy their first home or upgrade from a starter home. According to a study by Meyers Research, 55% of millennials want to buy a home in the next five years. With millennials on the path to control the housing market, builders are starting to pay attention to what they want. There are a variety of trends that millennials have brought to the forefront, one of which is outdoor living spaces. Millennials are also the largest generation of pet owners, so they’re looking for outdoor spaces where their pets are free to roam while they entertain guests nearby. Here are the top 5 trends for outdoor living spaces:

Functional Rooms

A simple patio or deck may not be enough to catch the eye of a millennial. They want hybrid outdoor spaces that incorporate the design and comfort of an indoor space. Covered porches have become popular because they provide some protection for pieces such as couches, chairs, and decorations from the elements, and the space can be used in different weather conditions.

Full Kitchens

A freestanding grill might do the trick for an outdoor barbecue, but full outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular for entertaining. Complete with a grill, burners, and perhaps a mini fridge or wine cooler, there is hardly a reason for guests to go inside.

Fashionable Fabrics and Flooring

For millennials, outdoor spaces are an area where they can play with color. While they might not want a bright yellow rug inside, it’s something fun to incorporate in an outdoor space. Additionally, different textures and flooring materials are popular such as marble, tile, bamboo, and more.

Water Features

A koi pond might be reminiscent of a grandparent’s backyard, but they’ve made a serious comeback. Millennials are incorporating more water features into their yards, such as ponds, fountains, and of course, swimming pools.

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

While outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are not necessarily a new trend, they continue to be popular among the younger generations. Fireplaces are a nice addition to functional outdoor rooms, so the space can be enjoyed even in colder temperatures. Furthermore, fire pits are easy to incorporate into any backyard, and are especially useful for entertaining in the summer months for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores among friends.

Cater to Millennial Trends to Grow Your Customer Base

Many millennials will be looking for one or more of these features in their future home, but ultimately, they want comfort, style, and functionality. Although elements like fountains and full kitchens are growing in popularity, not every millennial will be looking for such extravagance in their future home, especially the younger spectrum of the generation who will be searching for a modest starter home. However, it’s likely they’ll still want some type of outdoor living space - whether it be a deck, patio, or small dining area. Whatever space they do have will need to be updated and fresh, which all starts with the materials used to build it. INVISIDECK® HIDDEN SCRAIL® System, available through FASCO America®, creates flawlessly smooth deck board surfaces with less time, minimal labor, and provides a finish with no visible signs of fasteners.

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