3 Keys to a Perfect Subfloor

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Feb 9, 2017 10:34:17 AM

Perfect Subfloors

What makes a subfloor perfect? You never have to see it again. A properly built subfloor allows you to set it and forget it; No cupping of boards, no tell-tale squeaks, no sinking or slanting. How can you be sure your subfloors will be heralded throughout the land for their perfection? Focus on these 3 keys.

  1. Subfloor Material Selection. As with any construction job, if you want a quality end-product, you need quality materials. Plywood is the historically used material and is resistant to expansion and contraction, and will give you a solid result. Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is even better than plywood in density and water-resistance. However, neither are water-proof. Water absorption of any level can result in swelling at the edges in the event of moisture. The best-in-class subfloor material choice is High Performance Panels. These are an engineered, enhanced OSB product that resists water absorption.
  2. Fastener Selection. You wouldn’t use white glue to attach a granite countertop, would you? Of course not. If you’ve decided to use the highest-level of subfloor material, you need best-in-class fasteners to install it, like SubLoc® PRO SCRAIL®. Applying a combination fastener that installs like a nail but has the durability and adjustability of a screw takes your subfloor install to the next level. These types of fasteners won’t loosen over time, like a nail might, which greatly reduces the chance of squeaky floors in the future.
  3. Mindful Installation. First, your material should sit in the environment for at least 48 hours before installation to allow it to acclimate to the temperature and humidity. Fasteners should be installed no more than 12" apart and aligned down the center of the joists. Where edges of the subfloor sheathing meet along a joist, the fasteners should be arranged in such a way that the fasteners in one subfloor sheathing are placed in the center of the space created by the fasteners in the other subfloor sheathing. In other words, when looked at it from above, the fasteners should be no more than 6" apart on alternating sides of the seam. The use of subfloor adhesive is also recommended. And take equal care when applying any underlayment as well.

By combining the use of high-quality materials and fasteners with careful installation, you guarantee subfloor perfection. A quality job is one done right the first time. Avoid customer issues with squeaky subfloors in the future by using the best materials and fasteners, like SubLoc® PRO SCRAIL®, sold by Fasco America® – master distributor for The BECK Fastener Group®.

Download the Whitepaper: 3 Steps to Ensure a Squeakless Floor

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