5 Uses for a Pneumatic Hog Ringer

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 6, 2019 11:50:33 AM

Gabion Hog Ringer Garden

Do you have some fencing work that needs done? Or want to fix the interior upholstery in your vehicle? Or maybe you want to set up some netting for a large enclosure? All these jobs can be made simpler and easier with a pneumatic hog ringer.

What is a Pneumatic Hog Ringer?

Hog ring tools are not necessarily the most common item in a workshop, but hog rings play an important role in almost everyone's daily life—from the car seat you sit on to wire fencing and mesh bags. A hog ringer, sometimes called a bag closing stapler or gabion ringer, is a tool that starts with a c-shaped fastener and clamps it shut to form a ring around the materials you are working with. For smaller projects, and non-industrial use, a manual hog ring plier is used. The next step up is an automatic hog ringer which holds a collated strip of rings for easy reloading. A pneumatic hog ringer takes the tool and applications to the next level, using compressed air to quickly and efficiently clamp the rings closed. These five tasks are ideal for pneumatic hog ringers.

Bird Control

Mesh bird netting is a safe and kind way to keep birds from entering places where they can cause damage or create health hazards. It can be used as a covering for crop protection, as birds cause more than $100 million dollars’ worth of damage per year. It can serve as a canopy that can be placed over water and ponds to prevent birds from eating the fish. Finally, bird netting can prevent bird droppings from creating a health hazard, property damage, or liability risk. A pneumatic ringer makes attaching the netting together a breeze, especially in large installations.

Fence Installation

There are many types of fencing that can be created using hog rings to attach the material together, the most common of which is the chain link style. When installing long lengths of fencing or customizing chain link by stacking panels for greater height, a pneumatic hog ringer can connect the fencing panels quickly and effectively.

Automotive Upholstering

For those in automotive manufacturing, a pneumatic hog ringer is a daily use tool. Automotive upholstery, from leather to nylon, needs to be installed to last. A pneumatic hog ringer allows manufacturers, body shops, and restoration enthusiasts to get a snug, lasting seat installation with easy application.

Wire Cage Construction

Farmers, breeders, and ranchers can all appreciate the need to keep animals safe from outside threats and often from each other. Wire cages are a simple and cost-effective way to address those needs. Pneumatic hog ringers can outperform traditional wire wrapping and keep your cages and crates built to stand up to their animal inhabitants.

Bag Closure

Whether you’re packaging bags of cement or bags of oranges, a pneumatic hog ringer makes sealing a snap. They can handle all types of bags, from plastic mesh to cloth. They can ensure the contents are stored safely.

If you’re in the market for a new hog ringer, take a look at The BECK Fastener Group® and FASCO America®. Our pneumatic tools deliver the efficiency and effectiveness users demand, while keeping the focus on quality, versatility, and products that can power through jobs faster. We make tool owners happier than pigs in mud. Download the brochure below.

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