How Do I Know if I Need a Pneumatic Stapling System

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 28, 2018 9:30:00 AM

F46 Fence Stapler

There are many tools you can use for any given job. But, often times, there is a specific tool that will be best suited for the task. When it comes to staplers, you can choose from manual, electric, and pneumatic. Pneumatics function in a unique way and have both pros and cons.

The difference between a pneumatic and an electric stapler is that while an electric is powered by, you guessed it, electricity, a pneumatic is powered by bursts of compressed air that deliver the force. This kind of mechanism makes use of an air reservoir, as well as a valve plunger, which enables air to flow.

Pros of Pneumatics

  • The pneumatic stapler is a high-performance tool. It allows you to complete projects in a much shorter period of time than an electric, and of course far faster than a manual.
  • Care and maintenance is very simple with pneumatics, just be sure to blow off any dust and debris and wipe down the tool after use.
  • Pneumatics can reduce muscle fatigue on the job because the tool itself is light without a battery or internal power source.
  • These tools also eliminate the risk of electric shock on the job site.
  • Because pneumatics are powered by a compressor, you can carry several types of tools and simply swap out the compressor hose.
  • Pneumatic tools may last longer than electric ones due to their robust design. While electric tools can burn up, air tools run cooler and are less affected by dirt.

Cons of Pneumatics

  • Pneumatics need to be attached to an air compressor, which can limit mobility.
  • The noise associated with running an air compressor can be significant, so hearing protection is suggested.
  • The speed and precision in which these tools work may also cause you to overshoot your target. It is nearly impossible to pull out nails placed with a pneumatic nailer, for instance, since they are sealed into place once shot.

Whether a pneumatic stapler is right for your next job is determined by the type of job you’re doing. But if you think the pneumatic stapler fits your needs, then consider the quality fasteners and tools offered by FASCO America®.  For instance, the BECK® Fence Stapling System features air-driven fence stapling that delivers superior holding power and corrosion protection for wire to wood applications, so it’s well worth considering when you’re evaluating your options.

View the Video: BECK Fence Stapling System in Action

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