Get the Rustic Look with Metal Siding

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 10, 2019 8:43:00 AM

Metal Siding

The rustic look has been on trend in home design for several years now—inside and out. Natural, unrefined elements are the embodiment of rustic style and modern building materials offer more rustic choices than ever before.

Today’s homeowners are willing to spend a little more if the material is durable and long-lasting, especially if it also delivers on the desired look. Metal siding is therefore becoming a popular choice because it has such a wide range of options, is practically maintenance free, and recyclable. Here are some suggestions on how you can give your client the rustic look by using this material.

Wooden Rustic

While wood siding is the original in providing rustic charm, it’s certainly not as durable as metal. Wood can rot, fade and warp over time due to the elements. By using metal siding with a wood grain finish, you can achieve the same look without the maintenance. Typically, steel or aluminum siding has a wood grain texture with a variety of color options, allowing it to fit with any project.

Color Selection

Depending on the area the home is located, rustic charm can be achieved just through color selection. In some of the more rural areas, homeowners find that red metal siding with white trim can give the house a barn-like appearance. If the homeowner uses lighter shades of tan and browns, the metal selected can give the home a countryside, antique look. Another trend in color is using darker shades. Today’s materials are more durable and able to hold darker colors without fading, making this option more attractive.

Bare Metal

For a more contemporary version, consider using bare metal. For example, naturally weathered steel is uniquely rustic. The weather and environment give the steel natural designs, making it a sought-after material. The direction of the panels can also help. If the panels are run vertically, it can mimic the board and batten look often found in mountain areas.

Moving Forward

Once the style of metal siding has been selected, installation can be a snap. There are pneumatic tools and collated, combination fasteners that make installation incredibly simple and quick, like the Roofloc® SCRAIL® Metal Roofing System. The key is the fastener that drives in like a nail but has the holding power of a screw. They also back out like a screw, making adjustments quick and easy. They have 520-pound holding strength. Each fastener has a leak-proof EPDM-washer that resists temperature contraction due to temperature extremes; and no metal residue or “pig tails” allows for superior washer seal and eliminates scratches.

A home’s exterior is important to curb appeal and increasing the property value. Siding is a huge contributor, creating the style and look of the home. With all the styles, colors and materials now available, it’s easy to offer a rustic look with metal siding that also protects the home, is durable and needs very little maintenance. Click the button below to watch the video.

Watch the Video: RoofLoc SCRAIL - Because Quality Matters

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