Make a List and Check It Twice. The Pros & Cons of Slate Roofing.

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 15, 2016 10:04:29 AM

Slate Roofing Pros and Cons

The roof is arguably one of the most important components of a home. A badly installed roof or poor material selection can cause a literal trickle-down effect on everything below it. Roofs are important! Are you considering a job that is requesting slate roofing as your next project? Looking to suggest slate to future clients? Here are the pros and cons of this classic roof material.


  • Slate is classic. If a home has a slate roof, it’s one of the first descriptors people use. It’s associated with stately mansions and luxury.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and shapes that can be handmade to your specifications.
  • Slate lasts for a long time, easily over a 100 years. It holds up to weathering far better than asphalt shingles. Some would argue it even looks better with age, if it’s properly maintained.
  • It’s natural stone so it’s water resistant, unaffected by mold, and is impervious to weather fluctuations.


  • Slate is expensive. There’s no denying it. The material is expensive, and so is the cost to install it. It’s more labor intensive, and really should be done by a specialist.
  • Slate tiles can break. If they are subjected to direct impact, they can crack and break. Replacing the damaged tile is the only way to repair it and it’s not easy. Finding a matching slate can be difficult due to variations in color by lot.
  • It is heavy. Piling all of that stone on top of your foundation may not be an option. A slate roof requires a very sturdy structural support.
  • Installation is difficult. Any roofer shouldn’t just decide to begin installing slate. It takes experience and knowledge to do properly. If it’s installed incorrectly, the effects could be devastating to the entire structure.

If a slate roof installation is in your future, consider using an installation system that is designed to last. Collated, patent pending, Slate Roofing Hooks made by BECK Fastener Group® are nothing less than a revolution compared to today’s difficult and time-consuming manual installation of roofing hooks. The collated roofing hooks are pneumatically driven with the Slate Roof Nailer and represent the fastest, safest and most efficient slate shingle installation method to date.

Download the Slate Roof eGuide: Proper Techniques for Installation 

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