Steel Frame Building In The Winter

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 18, 2021 9:30:00 AM


The deep chill of winter can grind many outdoor projects to a frozen halt, and construction is no exception. However, it doesn't have to be this way. Prefab and mid-sized steel frame structure assembly is one superb solution to deep cold. Especially if you have the right tools for this type of job, the entire project can progress safely and exceptionally fast. BECK's ET&F® brand of cold-resistant tools and fastening equipment for steel building assembly, are designed to deliver both speed and strength. They can be applied to steel frame construction work, in innovative ways that allow rapid-fire fastening without having to waste time on pre-drilled holes, or difficult screwing techniques. Here are a few other reasons why steel assembly works so well in winter.

Steel has no problems with most winter conditions

While solid, wood framing and cement can be negatively affected by deep freezes, steel structures can easily endure double digit low temperatures even with snow storms, strong winds and sleet blowing over them. Steel does get more brittle as temperatures drop into the extremes, but the effect is very unlikely to affect most types of steel frame construction. This applies even more so with fast-attaching steel pin fasteners such as those from ET&F®, which are also extremely weather-resilient.


Minimized Excavation

One of the pressing winter problems of construction that requires major wood, concrete or stone foundations is heavy excavation. In winter, this can become difficult due to rock-hard ground frost and because concrete itself can't be allowed to freeze for at least 24 hours after being poured. With light steel frame buildings, excavation needs can be minimized by minimizing the amount of load-bearing structural support foundations needed. You can literally reduce the number of contact points with the ground and as a result reduce the need for winter concrete work.


Minimized Concrete Pouring and Costs

In many buildings, the load bearing structures are made from reinforced concrete. However, concrete pouring in winter cold is difficult and costly due to the heating costs of keeping the pour and curing process warm enough not to freeze. Steel frame buildings, and especially cold-framed steel assemblies, can be used in place of concrete load bearing structures very effectively.

 Modern steel and steel prefab materials work with enough strength not only for smaller residential or light utility buildings but more recently, even for larger, multi-story buildings. If they're fastened correctly and with tools that keep the work flowing smoothly, these prefab structures can be erected with impressive speed regardless of external temperatures. This benefit of using steel frame construction during winter might be one of its single biggest time and cost savers.


A Final Word on Winter Steel Framing

If you’re scheduling winter construction projects, steel framing is the way to go. This is backed up by both basic physics and practical considerations. However, to make the work progress even faster, tools and fasteners that are specially designed for maximum speed and endurance in steel frame structures are a must. ET&F®'s selection of hardened steel pin fasteners and pneumatic firing tools deliver performance that's ideal for deep winter construction.

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