The Best Kept Secrets of Steel Studs

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jun 22, 2017 10:47:15 AM

Steel Stud Secrets

Steel studs have been gaining popularity in both residential and commercial projects. Over the past decade more structures are being built with steel studs and over 500,000 homes have been built using steel studs as opposed to the traditional wood stud. If you’re still not sold on the idea of completing your next project with steel studs, check out the industry’s best-kept secrets about steel studs to convince yourself.

  • Easy to Work With – Believe it or not, steel studs are easy to work with because of their lightweight material. Steel studs are three times lighter than wood framing material, which has helped them gain popularity. Steel studs also take up less space on site because of their hollowed and stackable shape.
  • Consistent Permanency – Unlike wood, once installed, steel studs won’t experience expansion or contraction with temperature change. Steel studs offer a consistent permanency once installed and remain immovable for years and years to come.
  • Superior Quality - Steel studs have superior quality and strength compared to the traditional wood. They are identical since they are formed, not milled.
  • Discounts on Insurance – Builders working with steel studs receive the benefit of substantial discounts on risk insurance. Homeowners may also benefit from discounts on home insurance because steel studs don’t attract termites or catch fire like wood does.
  • Less Waste – Using steel studs is attractive to builders because there is only 2% of waste compared to the 20% of waste when using wood. Steel studs are the answer to creating an eco-friendlier construction site, minimizing waste by 18%.
  • Innovative Fasteners – The BECK Fastener Group® introduced the SteelThread SCRAIL® to pair perfectly with steel studs. The SteelThread SCRAIL® can be used for steel support joists, light-gauge steel construction, drywall-to-steel construction, and deck installation. The three longitudinal grooves ensure controlled displacement of the steel stud material. The SteelThread SCRAIL® also has all the benefits of the traditional SCRAIL®, like the ability to remove and adjust your fasteners at any point during your project plus superior hold and strength. Using any SCRAIL® product also ensures that the project will be twice as fast and completed correct the first time around.

Now that you know the best-kept secrets for mounting steel studs, consider this superior quality for your next project. Download the SteelThread SCRAIL® brochure for more secrets about this innovative product.

Download the SCRAIL SteelThread Product Brochure

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