Some Like it Hot: Impacts of Summer of Subfloor

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 22, 2020 9:18:00 AM

Summer Subfloor Costruction

A subfloor is a critical part of your flooring system, but there can be benefits and drawbacks associated with the time of year you install it. Many builders and home remodelers, of course, are extra busy during the summer. The warm summer season is typically a good time to complete construction, renovation, or remodeling projects. When it comes to floors, however, and subflooring in particular, there are some things that property owners and contractors must keep in mind.

Benefits of Summer Subfloor Installation

The biggest benefit of installing a subfloor in the summertime is convenience. Many building projects are in full swing during the summer months. Spring with its rains can be tricky for many building projects. It's important that flooring materials, wood in particular, are moisture free. Areas that experience especially dry summers are ideal climates for flooring system installation. The key to a successful subfloor is a moisture-free setting.

During dry months, there is less risk for development of mildew and rot. Contractors must take care to keep their inventory dry, always storing panels under cover for example. Of course, in humid parts of the country, it's more difficult to protect materials like wood from moisture. In such situations, you may need to take certain precautions or install at a different time of the year.


There are certainly some drawbacks to summertime subfloor installation. As mentioned above, in areas where there is high humidity, the potential for problems is considerable. Wood materials absorb moisture. If you install flooring that contains moisture, it can cause the top layer of flooring to cup or buckle. To reduce the risk for this problem, make sure that the subfloor materials are free from moisture. You may want to run a dehumidifier during the installation process. Also, it's a good idea to run the air conditioning system during your summertime installation to reduce the humidity issue.

Another important drawback of summer subfloor installation to consider is the possible failure of adhesives if you plan to use them. High heat and humidity affect the efficacy of these types of products. If you intend to use glues / adhesives during the summer months, consult the product's manufacturer's instructions about best use. You may not be able to use these products once temperatures and humidity levels reach a certain point.

Use High-Quality Materials

The secret to successful subfloor installation is working with high-quality materials like BECK fasteners and tools and products like SCRAIL® SubLoc® PRO. These great products help you achieve terrific outcomes no matter the season.

SCRAIL Subloc PRO How to Video

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