Tips to Finishing Basement Remodeling Projects Faster: Using Better Quality Fasteners for Improved Efficiency

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jun 18, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Construction FastenersMany families today are finding that their current home lacks sufficient square footage for their needs, but they're reluctant to pack up and move. They look for a solution to their space dilemma, and often find the answer in an unfinished basement area. For contractors, this has become a great source of lucrative work. New advancements in high quality fasteners and application techniques can make this basement-refinishing trend even more profitable by reducing installation time and cost, and getting you and your crew quickly to the next job without negatively impacting quality of work.

Within every step of a basement project, you will need fasteners. You will need to select the proper construction fastener for the materials you're using and the function they must meet. A different fastener will be necessary when you're framing a wall than when you're building custom cabinetry. Consider these different aspects of a basement build-out and their unique fastener needs:

  • Drywall
  • Stairs and Steps
  • Cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Furniture and bars
  • Ceilings
All of these various builds will require fasteners that need to meet government standards for quality and strength. Other considerations when selecting your construction fasteners will be the aesthetic requirements, the application method to be used, and any budget limits imposed by the homeowner.

Nails and screws are the most basic construction fasteners and can be purchased in bulk quantities or in collated strips or coils held together with wire, plastic or paper. Collated fasteners are intended for use with pneumatic nailers.

An alternative to basic nails and screws is available with SCRAIL®. SCRAIL®, The Faster Fastener® is a performance-driven fastener, featuring the advantages of both a nail and a screw in one. When applied with pneumatic nailers, these crossover collated fasteners can be applied twice as quickly as standard collated screws, and an amazing eight times faster than bulk screws or nails.

Combining the speed of pneumatic nail application with the dramatically improved holding power of screws can get you and your crew in and out of jobs at a faster rate. Basement remodeling can add significantly to your business, and with SCRAIL® you can make the most of this opportunity to get the job done efficiently and swiftly.

Watch the Video: SCRAIL Fast and Versatile

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