Top Reasons 2016 Will Be the Year of the Fastener

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 30, 2015 11:59:00 AM
fastenersAdvances in modern fasteners have facilitated a leap forward in the construction world, giving contractors the ability to produce higher quality end products while saving time and reducing labor costs. Since the late 90's when nail and screw combinations hit the market, their use has been on the rise as more contractors and homeowners become aware of their benefits when compared to traditional nails and screws. The upcoming year 2016 shows promise of being their most successful year ever, as popularity of crossover screws/nails continues to increase and large industries realize the potential cost savings and product improvements that switching over to these can bring to their business. 
The Following Applications are Likely to Make 2016  "The Year of the Fastener":

1.    Decking applications - Specialty fasteners designed with double threads can prevent unsightly cratering or mushrooming on decking surfaces.

2.    Subfloor use - Subfloors are traditionally constructed with nails and tend to loosen over time, resulting in floors that squeak. Combination nail and screw fasteners provide greater holding power, virtually eliminating any squeaks for the life of the wood.

3.    Fastening to light gauge steel or metal roofing- Specialty fasteners can firmly attach wood, gypsum, drywall or deck boards to steel studs or attached metal roofing to wood.

4.    Furniture or millwork -  Miniature versions of fasteners that combine the holding power of the screw and speed of a nail are now available in an array of colors. They offer an opportunity to build furniture with a greater load bearing capacity and finer workmanship with a focus on an attractive appearance.

5.    Increased spending on new projects - the construction industry as a whole is anticipated to continue its expansion in the year 2016, but business risks remain present; the potential financial savings generated from improved technologies in fastener can help new construction endeavors remain or become more profitable and provide an edge over the competition.

6.    Remodeling on the rise - market predictions indicate that home remodeling projects will be on the rise in 2016; choosing the best fastener for the job can reduce a portion of the time and labor invested in the project.

7.    The crating industry - as more customers attempt to reduce shipping costs, reusable crates are becoming popular.  Fasteners that are very easy to remove and reuse save money while providing a more secure shipping crate than traditional nails. Reusable crates also eliminate the need to dispose of old ones, further reducing costs and the carbon footprint of the industry.

Of course, in addition to these specific advantages which will inevitably increase the popularity of new advances in fasteners, contractors and homeowners will also enjoy overall reduced labor costs and time savings on their projects, as fasteners such as SCRAIL® can be installed twice as fast as collated screws and eight times as fast as bulk screws.  Regardless of whether you are a contractor looking for an edge over your competition or a homeowner preparing to embark on a home improvement project, choosing the right fasteners can help make your task easier while leaving more cash in your pocket.

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