6 Useful Tips for Keeping Warm This Winter on Site

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 27, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Construction work is never completely free of the potential for accidents and unsafe situations. While you and your crew are working outdoors during the winter months, it can become especially prone to happening. However, these effective cold-weather safety tips can reduce the chance of accidents and costly time delays. These tips cover the most essential steps you can take to keep your team safe and your project on budget.

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Must Have Tools Builders Want This Holiday Season

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 20, 2021 9:30:00 AM

If you have a builder in your life, you know that receiving a new set of power tools from a solid brand would be the ultimate gift this holiday season. There are some essential power tools that no construction kit is complete without. Luckily, BECK has your needs covered with a wide selection of rugged tools for any construction niche one might have. Let's dive into the details.

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Impacts of Salty Air on Metal Building Systems and How to Reduce Them

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 9, 2019 8:46:00 AM

During a construction project, a wise builder knows that we don’t only look at the building materials we’re using, but also the environment of where they will be used. Our materials will react and be altered by fluctuations in temperature, stability, moisture and other outside factors. One interaction in particular can be the bane of any coastal builder, and that’s the interaction of salt and metals. Salty air and moisture cause metal to corrode and slowly deteriorate. As a result, metal fasteners on buildings in coastal areas can lose their structural integrity from exposure to ocean air. The combination of oxygen, salt, and sodium chloride eats away at the metal, as airborne bacteria from the ocean also consume the iron and cause it to rust.

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Why Speed Matters in the Basement Finishing World

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 12, 2015 8:52:00 AM
With the basement remodeling and construction season upon us, everyone working in construction and construction management knows that the goal is to finish one job so they can move on to the next job.  The more jobs that can be completed, and completed well, the more money a person can make.  Periodically, there are innovations that can make the process a little faster, but very rarely is there something that can really speed the process of finishing a basement, while keeping quality levels high.  The last thing a construction crew wants is to leave a job and get called back to fix or finish something.

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Why You’re Failing at Squeak Free Floors

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM

The baby is finally asleep, it only took 49 minutes of you patting his back in the crib. Time for your escape! So you gracefully begin your slow, tiptoe exit. You are three steps from the door when it happens. The cries come almost simultaneously to the squeak from the floor. Resume back pats…

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How to Save Money on Your Next Fencing Project

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 8, 2015 5:37:41 PM
Regardless of whether you are a contractor planning a large scale fencing project or a homeowner about to embark on a do it yourself landscape fence, reducing your overall costs while remaining committed to quality workmanship will result in greater satisfaction and more money in your pocket. Choosing the best fencing materials for each particular job is key to saving money; wood or vinyl fences are best suited to suburban areas, and both types require metal fasteners to secure the fencing components. Nails and screws are commonly used, yet each has specific disadvantages; specialty nail and screw products, such as SCRAIL ® fasteners, are often the superior choice, being very fast to install while providing excellent holding power.

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SCRAIL®, Fast like a Nail, Strong like a Screw, are incredibly versatile collated fasteners that can be driven with a pneumatic nailer at a rate twice as fast as collated screws and eight times faster than bulk screws. You can rely upon SCRAIL® fasteners to hold strong, without callbacks to fix a squeak or a nail pop.

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  • Dramatically increased holding power vs. nails
  • Making projects easier since 1998

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