6 Tips to Prevent Water from Wrecking Your Basement

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 22, 2018 10:18:29 AM


Whether your basement is newly renovated or merely a space to store old holiday decorations, no one wants water damage. Not only is it a hassle to clean but flooding and water often leave long-lasting damage that will come back to haunt you if left unrepaired. To avoid dealing with the mess that water damage brings, here are six steps that will help keep your basement dry.

Keep an eye out for pricey water bills.

If your water use has remained the same, yet your water bill rises, then there’s probably a leak somewhere in your home. Small leaks in loose or cracked pipes can be hard to spot, and you may not notice it until the damage is done. If your water bill rises unexpectedly, check for leaks and repair them as soon as possible to prevent widespread water damage.

Look for cracks.

Cracks in basement walls and windows can allow water to seep in. Small cracks may seem like superficial damage that doesn’t need to be repaired, however, over time they can become larger, and lead to massive water damage.


Without insulation, pipes can drip onto dry wall and floors, which causes damage over time. Having proper insulation will help prevent against water damage and rot, which can be difficult and expensive to repair.

Use drains and sump pumps.

Drains will help remove excess water and protect both floors and appliances from damage. This is especially important for basements with appliances like deep freezes, washers, dryers, and toilets. Sump pumps also remove excess water and move it away from the home. It’s recommended that at least one of these solutions is applied within the basement to prevent and reduce water damage.

Install a water sensor.

The best way to discover and prevent water damage is through a water sensor. They detect moisture and send an alert as soon as water or excess moisture is found. More advanced detectors are even able to shut off water supplies to stop leaks.

Use waterproof building materials during construction.

Use steel studs in your framing fastened with SteelThread SCRAIL® from FASCO America®. They won’t rot, warp, or mildew in the presence of basement moisture which can save you a lot of hassle in the event of a moisture situation. FASCO America’s SteelThread SCRAIL® fasteners are suitable for a variety of applications including drywall, flooring, subflooring, framing, and more. To learn more, download the SteelThread Product Brochure.

Download the SteelThread Product Brochure

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