Why Speed Matters in the Basement Finishing World

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 12, 2015 8:52:00 AM
Why Speed Matters in the Basement Finishing WorldWith the basement remodeling and construction season upon us, everyone working in construction and construction management knows that the goal is to finish one job so they can move on to the next job.  The more jobs that can be completed, and completed well, the more money a person can make.  Periodically, there are innovations that can make the process a little faster, but very rarely is there something that can really speed the process of finishing a basement, while keeping quality levels high.  The last thing a construction crew wants is to leave a job and get called back to fix or finish something.
Both organization and hard work are important when trying to get a job done fast and done right, and basement finishing is no exception.  One thing a construction crew can do to get a job done faster is to be as organized as possible.  One solution is to have several storage boxes for tools and supplies.  These boxes will be most useful if they have the same design and are the same size so storage in one box will be arranged like the storage in another box.  If the boxes are the same size and shape, they can better be stacked one on top of the other for safe and more efficient transportation and box storage. And don’t forget the tight stair cases often present in a basement when considering storage box size and shape.
An even better way to organize and transport tools is to use a trailer.  The trailer can be locked on the jobsite, as long as it is out of the way, and if everyone can keep it organized there is less hunting for a tool.  The trailer allows tools to be visible once the door and or sides are opened.
Another important step in basement construction is to have a pre-meeting with everyone from the main crew who will be working on the jobsite.  A pre-meeting at the jobsite allows everyone to walk around to better understand the plan.  This also allow for changes to the status quo to be dealt with.  If things are normally done in one methodical way, but a change needs to be made because of facility issues, everyone can know and plan accordingly.
Of course, hiring more crew can also speed the completion of a project. Whether a person with a great deal of construction experience, or a person with little experience, someone willing to work hard can speed the construction process.  A new set of hands can mean that two people can work on walls, someone else can work on electricity, and a beginner can help when needed, and they can bring supplies to others and keep the workspace free of extra debris. Weighing the costs of a new employee and what value they can add too time can be tricky, however.
Ensuring the right tools are at the work site is also a way to increase speed and a better chance at saving money.  Sometimes a table saw at a jobsite is a time saver; sometimes it isn’t worth the effort to put it in the truck.  If you’re going to be making your own baseboard and trim, pack the table saw.  If you’re buying baseboard and trim, perhaps a miter saw and a circular saw are satisfactory.  They’re easier to load and unload and they take up less space.  Pack appropriately and efficiently and all aspects of the job will be completed faster and better.
When using the right tools, it is also important to use the right fasteners.  Fasco America® sells a top quality product called SCRAIL ® that is a hybrid between a screw and a nail, and it can be fired out of a nail gun for speed.  SCRAIL® has products for finishing a basement that allows contractors to finish a job with high quality and speed, and not worry about getting called back.
When something better comes along, it is important to check it out and make certain it is all it claims.  The SCRAIL® fastener system really is all that it claims to be.  It is versatile, strong, and perhaps best of all, it speeds project completion up.  
Watch the Video: SCRAIL Time Trial Competition 

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