5 Reasons to Install a Fence in the Winter

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 30, 2021 9:15:00 AM

Winter Fence Installation

Most people see the icy winter season as a time to stay indoors and watch television, organize their closets or garage, and delay any outdoor projects until the arrival of more welcoming weather in the spring. However, the winter is actually the perfect time to install a fence. In fact, installing or repairing a fence during the winter months can have numerous benefits for both you and your customers. Here are five reasons you should convince your customers to install a fence before the ice thaws:

  • Grow your business while saving your customers money — For most fence contractors, the busiest months are during the spring and summer. You can ease the stress of seasonal consumer demand by trying to attract customers during the winter. One way to accomplish this is to offer a seasonal discount. This helps your customers save money and enables you to enhance your workflow and grow your business.
  • Satisfy customers by finishing projects faster — Many people wait until the spring to request quotes for fence installations. By installing fencing in the winter, you will be able to finish projects faster and achieve a higher customer satisfaction rate.
  • Ease your springtime workload — Depending on size, installing a new fence during the springtime can take several days or even a few weeks. By installing fences during the winter, you can ease your springtime workload and make the season more enjoyable for your customers.
  • Save your customer’s landscaping while lowering your liability for damage — A major benefit of installing a fence during the winter is that it is less harmful to landscaping. Since plants are dormant in the winter, they are less likely to be seriously damaged during a fence installation.
  • Install fencing that withstands the elements — By installing fencing during the winter, you can show your customers that your product is designed to withstand the harsh weather. You can use this as a selling point when discussing winter installation with potential customers.

Traditionally, many consumers install fences during the spring and summer months. However, fencing can be installed during any season, including the winter. By scheduling more fencing installations in the colder months, you can alleviate pressure during the busier seasons while saving customers time and money.

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