Ever heard of a wooden nail?

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 7, 2018 8:49:00 AM


It may sound crazy, but wooden nails are a new solution in the fastener industry! LignoLoc® from the Beck Fastener Group® is the first fireable wooden nail. This new, environmentally friendly solution is perfect for woodworking, but what’s the real advantage? Steel nails are affordable and have been a proven success for years, but despite their popularity, they’re actually not ideal for most woodworking projects.

Although steel nails may seem more durable, LignoLoc® has tensile strength that is similar to aluminum nails. It’s holding power is also exceptional due to the bond created when driving in the nail, called lignin welding. Friction and heat created during the drive welds the surrounding wood together, thus safely securing it in place.

Steel nails make it very difficult to recycle wood. Wooden nails ease this process because the entire piece can be recycled without removing any of the fasteners. Steel nails are also susceptible to rust, which stains wood and tarnishes its appearance. This is not a concern with LignoLoc®, which means wooden pieces will look as good as new for much longer. Wooden nails are also resistant to water absorption, so they don’t expand.

All of these advantages are important, but the most essential benefit for contractors and carpenters alike is the time that can be saved by using LignoLoc® fasteners. Wooden nails don’t require pre-drilling, wood glue, and thanks to using the corresponding pneumatic nailer, it’s a quick and easy fastening process.

Why wouldn’t you want to use LignoLoc® for your next woodworking project? They’re made from compressed beech wood, so they’re well-suited for high-moisture applications like saunas. LignoLoc®  won’t rust, and won’t create a thermal bridge. It’s also perfect for jobs like flooring, paneling, trim work, and furniture making. For more details regarding benefits, best practices, and more, view the LignoLoc® website.

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