Best Projects (and tools) for Wooden Nails

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 11, 2018 8:56:00 AM

LignoLoc wooden nails

Nails are incredibly durable in many applications, but there are some projects that require a unique fastener. LignoLoc® wooden nails provide remarkable holding power and tensile strength similar to aluminum nails without the complications like rust and streaking. Here are the best applications and uses for wooden nails. 

Wooden fences

Not only will your fence look better with wooden nails, but it will hold up longer too. Wood nails don’t rust or tarnish, which means no stains. Also due to lignin welding, the unique bond created by LignoLoc® wooden nails, the fasteners will not separate or detach from the fence.


Wooden nails are much more aesthetically pleasing, especially when it comes to pieces like furniture. Standard nails can really stand out and diminish the appearance of wood furniture, as well as become a safety hazard if they become loose or detached. Wooden nails are also non-destructive to equipment like sanding discs and belts.

Wood Floors

Similarly, wood floors look much better when fastened with wooden nails. They’re also more durable, especially in outdoor applications. Decks fastened with standard nails may become detached from the wood and they rust much more quickly.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Production

LignoLoc® wooden nails are not only more attractive within the visible CLT layer, but they also prevent damage to the vacuum membrane of the press. As opposed to wooden dowels or aluminum nails, wooden nails are an alternative that join the layers more efficiently with no thermal bridging.


One of the best applications for wooden nails are saunas. Due to heat and moisture, stainless steel nails are not an ideal fastener. Not only will they rust from constant moisture that’s present within a sauna, but steel also conducts heat. It’s recommended to keep a sauna between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, however, many choose to set the temperature to 100 degrees or more. As a result, the steel nails will retain this heat, and burn people who come in direct contact with them. For this reason, wooden nails are a much safer option because they are unaffected by high temperatures and moisture that exist within a sauna. Additionally, saunas are periodically sanded for aesthetic and sanitary reasons. LignoLoc® wooden nails can safely by sanded without destroying sanding belts or equipment.


For any of the above projects, it’s best to use wooden nails. The BECK Fastener Group® and FASCO America® have created LignoLoc®, the first collated wooden nail, that doesn’t require pre-drilling or wood glue. The pneumatic nailing system also makes the fastening process more efficient. The nails are made from compressed beech wood and resin, which is more environmentally friendly than aluminum, especially when it comes to recycling wood because the pieces can be cut and recycled without removing the fasteners. To use wooden nails in your next project, visit the LignoLoc® website to get more information or place an order.

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