Download the Crating SCRAIL® Product Brochure

Like BECK’s other SCRAIL® products that are known for their holding power and speed of installation, Crating SCRAIL® fasteners are a combination of a nail and a screw - threaded collated fasteners for installation with a pneumatic nail gun tool.

The added features of Crating SCRAIL® that make them the best choice for use in crating are:

  • Coarse threads ensure easier and more consistent removal for dismantling crates, and are especially well suited to crates constructed of soft wood varieties
  • Use of plastic rope for collation makes it safer, since there is no wire flagging around the heads or sticking underneath them
  • Plastic rope collation also retains its coil shape better than wire, which means coils can be reused if dropped, eliminating waste
  • These fasteners can be used in most common 15° wire coil nailers on the market, so there are no special tools required

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