That's What She Shed! Tips on Building the Perfect "She Shed"

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 26, 2019 9:19:00 AM

She Shed

With 2018 being loosely dubbed the “Year of the Woman”, it’s no surprise that a female response to the Man Cave cropped up. The hallmarks of a Man Cave: a bar with cold beverage storage, leather furniture (preferably reclining), a flat screen TV, and some sort of gaming option that can be played while watching sports with friends. It’s a place where the men can hang out together. A She Shed, on the other hand, has a very different intent. Instead of a place for people to gather, a She Shed is a place to get away from all the demands in a home. You may choose to include a friend now and then, but it’s more likely you go there for quiet and relaxation. Thoughtfully designing the details can go a long way in making your She Shed Pinterest-worthy. These are some tips on making your She Shed fem-tastic.

Location, Location, Location.

A She Shed can’t be in the house for very good reason. If you want an escape, you can’t be in shouting distance of your family because they will seek you out. A lady wants a She Shed for privacy, for alone time, for rejuvenation. Pick a spot on the property that’s as far from distractions, and noises, as possible.

Pay attention to detail.
Whether you’re lucky enough to custom build new or, like most of us, you’re repurposing an existing structure, polish it up inside and out. If you’re building from scratch, use materials that you love and that will last, and install them right the first time. If you’re making repairs on an older shed, don’t just do a “band aid” level job, make updates that you can be proud of. If you want to really impress the neighborhood ladies, use fasteners that match the material they’re being driven into (check out the SCRAIL® color options below).

Let there be light.
While men will happily hunker down in a dark bar for hours, women need light that adjusts to their mood. For great natural light, incorporate plenty of windows. For nighttime relaxing, include dimmer switches on every light source so you can set the perfect tone whether it be for reading, crafting, or napping.

Decorate with purpose.

She Sheds are not large spaces by their very nature so thoughtful space planning is critical. Be sure you consider what hobbies you’ll be engaging in and create spaces that make those easy to do. For example, if you enjoy pottery or painting, a sink is a huge help. If you’ll be potting plants, a workbench is perfect. Also ensure you have a comfortable place to sit because sometimes we might say we’re heading out to work on the garden, but just want to sit in the quiet for a while.

Women that need a She Shed most are the ones that have less time to waste and poor workmanship can sully your limited “me time”. Using quality tools and fasteners, like SCRAIL® from BECK, offered by BECK America, for all your repairs and construction can ensure your handiwork lasts and looks good too. Man Caves are so 2017. It’s time to make way for the She Shed and BECK America has the tools to help you build the rejuvenating retreat you’ve always dreamed of. Check out color options by clicking below.

Download the Fastener Color Options Whitepaper

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