The Secret to Long-Lasting Outdoor Furniture Construction

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 10, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Lasting Outdoor Furniture Construction

When you build something you love, the last thing you want is for the piece to fall apart because of poor planning or execution. Building outdoor furniture is an art and can be a fun challenge but it takes more than determination to build long lasting outdoor furniture.

Sound Construction. Outdoor furniture requires a higher level of stability and safety because of its constant exposure to the elements. Whether you’re building a set of Adirondack chairs or a patio table, it’s essential to build with the weather in mind.

Durable Materials.  Right along with sound construction comes choosing durable material for your outdoor furniture. Cedar wood is a superior choice because of its resistance to splitting, rotting or warping. Cedar wood is equipped with a natural aroma that repels insects and the material is conveniently lightweight. Another great choice is UV-resistant wood. If your piece will live in the sunlight, this material will allow many years of enjoyment before tarnishing or fading occurs.

High Quality Fasteners.  Build your outdoor furniture with the future in mind and create a product that is built to last. Use long-lasting, galvanized fasteners, like the Mini-SCRAIL® collated fasteners. This fastener shares the same advantages and innovations of the SCRAIL® fastener such as fast and easy adjusting and removal. The Mini-SCRAIL® is specifically sized for the finishing of finer projects, like furniture. The small size makes this product perfect for handling intricate details where space is limited. It’s also available in a range of finishes and colors to complement any look.

Annual Maintenance.  When building outdoor furniture you should be prepared for some annual maintenance because of the furniture’s exposure to the elements. Depending on the wood or construction material you choose to build with, plan on refinishing or re-staining the product from time to time. Additionally the Mini-SCRAIL® makes repairs easy because of its quick adjustment feature and flexibility.

If you’re investing time and money into building outdoor furniture, build the furniture to last for years to come. Using the Mini-SCRAIL®, and other products offered by FASCO America®, will help you create furniture that you can fall in love with season after season.

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