Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2016

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jul 28, 2016 10:50:00 AM

Building Outdoor Furniture

People in all parts of the country enjoy getting outside to relax, play with the kids, eat meals or just spend time socializing with family and friends. Outdoor furniture has come a long way since the days of the folding chairs set-up on your lawn. Today, outdoor furniture plays a key role in creating a welcoming outdoor space that is often an extension of the home’s interior, complete with many of the same (and sometimes even better) amenities.

Here are some of the key trends for outdoor furniture.

Conversational Seating
Having flexible seating arrangements that allow for easy conversation between small groups continues to be a key trend in 2016. Without walls, consumers can use furniture to define a “room,” and crescent-shaped seating helps achieve this goal of intimate conversation.

Rattan and Wicker

Because of their versatility and natural look, these two materials are becoming more popular, and technology has made them more durable to withstand the outdoor elements. Chairs, tables and sofas in white, gray and black (not the honey and light brown from previous years) are being used to create a contemporary outdoor space. Rattan and wicker wear well, are comfortable, and give the outdoor space a natural, organic, minimalist look.

Mixed Material Designs and Seamless Transition

These two trends go hand-in-hand as furniture made from a combination of materials makes the
indoor / outdoor transition easier. Mixed materials give a modern feel and are often easier to keep clean. Cement mixed with teak and woven materials with exposed aluminum are just a couple of the ways designers have mixed materials for 2016.


Neutrals have always been a popular choice for outdoor furniture, blending in well with the natural surroundings. This year, the trend is to add a small amount of a bold color to those shades of gray. People are using throw pillows, table cloths and rugs to bring in some color and create a more interesting, vibrant outdoor space.  

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Building Outdoor Furniture with SCRAIL 

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